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Does God Really Exist?

  • Broadcast in Self Help
Noah Batts

Noah Batts


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It seems as if the more Black Folks partake in Religion the worse off they become. Whether its Spook God Jesus, Allah, Yaweh, Jehovah, Jah, Christna, Olodumare or any other name man has chosen for god the results are the same. If there is a god how come no one has saw him/her? If Africans, African Americans are his/her chosen people how can one explain 1200 years of Sub-Saharan Slave Trade, 400 plus years of Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade and the suffering massess of our people who call on him/her on a daily basis but to no avail? It seems as if  spook god let bad people prosper and good people suffer. Europeans created the concept of god, spook jesus and his religion of Christianity to make blacks better slaves and take refuge in his made up religion(which is really White Supremacy)from our suffering at their hands. You can believe their book the Bible if you want but all it is, is a plagarism of African Text, twisted lies and racism but to the average reader who doesnt do their research will believe that poison as the truth. Whitefolks dont even believe in god but we believe in them. The only god Europeans believe in is the Almighty Dollar which is why they are on top and we are on the bottom. Black folks have too much religion as it is and are the poorest people on the planet, living in the worsest conditions and are cool with it. No one has seen god or knows where he is so the ony god we need to believe in is the one we see in the mirror every day for you have to work to have a place to lay your head, have a car to drive and put food on your family's table. Black people need to focus on uniting, putting our monies together, creating our own Black Nation by purchasing land we can call our own, building on it, harvesting and having a Black Army to protect it therefore we would be a lot better off and begin to realize that race and unity are the only things that matter.