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Advise Show Radio is about bringing intelligent discussions with guest to learn and enhance our comprehensive knowledge about life. I feel everyone has something to contribute even those who always mess up in life. This show is for everyone and i want to thank you in advance to listening and calling in. It doesn't go unnoticed and i am highly honored you stopped by.

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Rape culture is a phrase used to describe a culture in which rape is pervasive and normalized due to societal attitudes about gender, sex, and sexuality.Examples of behaviors commonly associated with rape culture include victim blaming, sexual objectification, trivializing rape, denial of widespread rape, or refusing to acknowledge the harm of certain forms of sexual violence that do not conform to certain stereotypes of stranger or violent rape. Most of us have heard about the 16 year old girl named Jada that spoke out about her rape. She was drugged and sexually assaulted at a house party. She didn't know it happened until pictures and video surfaced on social media. There was one person that admitted his involvement to the alleged rape from his social media post. We decided with this information that he had to be exposed but that was met with anger and even threats. The people was laughing at this young girl but got upset when one of the people involved got his twitter and facebook shutdown. Houston Police claim they have strong leads but they are dragging their feet to arrest the suspects.
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The recent tragic death of Derek Walker was very sad. This man was a hard working man that worked 3 jobs. He was a great father but his ex made his life difficult. She was abusive,attempted to poison his son against him,and before... more

Social media is a major part of most people's lives. Social media is used for work,communication,hobbies etc. There is a dark side to social media as well. Many have been caught cheating on their mates and social media was used to... more

There has been recent incidents of violence targeted at kids in the public school system. Recently there were a fatal stabbing of another student at a school in Spring,Texas. A few weeks ago Anotionette Tuff stopped a possible school... more

We want to discuss a common thing a lot of decent women run into to in the dating world. A woman who most would say is a whore can get men to not only date her but even fall in love with her. Everyone knows she mess with multiple... more

This past week Russell Simmons released a parody making mockery of our great sister Harriet Tubman. He made her look like a negro bed wench instead of the strong woman who led many people to freedom. Selling yourself out seem to be... more

The advancement of technology has given us all a way to express ourselves. We have social media,cell phones,laptops,tablets etc. We can send a message to any part of the world in a manner of seconds. We are supposed to have freedom of... more

I shot a video of a model black community. I done this to show that black people aren't completely lost. We have people in our community that want to live right. We don't come from hoodrats and thugs. We come from people who... more

Texas lawmakers passed a strict anti-abortion bill banning abortions after 20 weeks. There are women who feel this bill will bring back alley abortions due to most abortion clinics in Texas will have to close. Those who are pro-choice feel... more

The George Zimmerman trial has ended with a not guilty verdict and many people are disappointed. The Black community expressed a lot of outrage. The outrage is understandable but we don't have the same outrage when young men die in the... more

We want to speak on the issue of domestic violence. When most people think of domestic violence it's the male hitting the female. But there are female to male domestic violence as well. Male victims are won't report domestic violence for... more
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