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Advise Show Radio is about bringing intelligent discussions with guest to learn and enhance our comprehensive knowledge about life. I feel everyone has something to contribute even those who always mess up in life. This show is for everyone and i want to thank you in advance to listening and calling in. It doesn't go unnoticed and i am highly honored you stopped by.

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Slavery was a horrible insitution for African people brought to the shores of colonial America. The slaves were made to work in harsh conditions. Their language and culture was stolen from them. The slaves were... more

Most people don't understand how propaganda works. To understand it you must have a clear definition to what propaganda means. We will discuss the meaning of propaganda and why it is used. This tactic is not only used to divide on race,but... more

Our guest for the show will be Erin Matson. We came to know Erin from her tumblr page titled "White Guys Doing It By Themselves". Her page speaks show how only a white male dominated society is ruling america. We are a... more

The first part of our show will feature Judi Jai from Bad Girls Club New Orleans. Make sure you call in after the interview to speak with your favorite Bad Girl Judi. We will also discuss how the american media has double standards. The... more

We want to discuss the dangerous practice of illegal butt injections. There are many women who choose to go this very dangerous route. Many have either died or had serious medical consequences with their overall health. The question... more

We will discuss 2 groups of people that really get onto my nerves. We have a group of so-called men these days that are more emotional than women. They get their feelings hurt for everything and respond just like women. Most people who... more

The times we live in today is very disturbing. People have walked away from their moral and values. We are more selfish today than ever. We are heartless and cold like never before. Every great civilization has fallen when their morality... more

Relaitonships can be a great addition to your life or something that can bring heartache. We want to cover what we can do to prevent a affair. Not all affairs are started by the person being a no good somebody. We will cover what can cause... more

The recent tragic death of Derek Walker was very sad. This man was a hard working man that worked 3 jobs. He was a great father but his ex made his life difficult. She was abusive,attempted to poison his son against him,and before... more

Social media is a major part of most people's lives. Social media is used for work,communication,hobbies etc. There is a dark side to social media as well. Many have been caught cheating on their mates and social media was used to... more
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