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Advise Show Radio is about bringing intelligent discussions with guest to learn and enhance our comprehensive knowledge about life. I feel everyone has something to contribute even those who always mess up in life. This show is for everyone and i want to thank you in advance to listening and calling in. It doesn't go unnoticed and i am highly honored you stopped by.

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The current trend of black male celebrities wearing skirts is very troubling. The only people who wear skirts are women or gay men. This push to feminize straight men must be called out. I will not stand by and not say anything about... more

Simps Anonymous started out as a series of videos to show men what they are doing wrong with women. Each video taught something men can apply in their search for a woman. Tonight show will focus on something too many men mess... more

Tonight we have a guest who is a subscriber of my YouTube channel. I was contacted by him on Facebook about my opinions on race relations. This man felt that a white person rarely speak their peace when i do these videos. I... more

The LGBT community has gained a lot of momentum in this nation. The supreme court struck down the Defense Of Marriage Act as unconstiutional. This move by the high court gave way to gay marriage. There are many in this nation... more

Ratchet women and their behavior has been a topic of discussion for a long time. Decent women can't understand why they attract so much attention. There are men who only deal with rachet women in the area of dating. Some men don't... more

Tonight we want to discuss something that many black people have experienced. When you are trying to rise above mediocrity and find success. Those who look like you are the ones that attack you the most. We want to discuss why... more

We want to discuss the issues americans have with the current president. Many people have issue with the afforable health care act,jobs,irs scandal etc. Whether you are a Democrat,Republican,Independent or Libertarian we want to know... more

This movement was started off of the news story about Clifton Hall. This man was behind 3500 in child support. He paid in full but was still sentenced to 180 days in county jail. What good that will do for his son? The family courts don't care... more

The topic of single mothers is one that can be very sensitive. Women feel they didn't ask to be put in a position raising a child alone. They struggle and have a hard time when the father refuse to take care of the child he help make with... more

Interracial Marriage in America is on the rise. People aren't allowing racism or traditions to keep them from chosing a person to love. We are all human and want the same things but racism hinders interracial couples. Interracial couples... more
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