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Advise Show Radio is about bringing intelligent discussions with guest to learn and enhance our comprehensive knowledge about life. I feel everyone has something to contribute even those who always mess up in life. This show is for everyone and i want to thank you in advance to listening and calling in. It doesn't go unnoticed and i am highly honored you stopped by.

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Rape culture is a phrase used to describe a culture in which rape is pervasive and normalized due to societal attitudes about gender, sex, and sexuality.Examples of behaviors commonly associated with rape culture include victim blaming, sexual... more

The current state of the black family is not a good one. Most of our children are being raised or were raised without a father. The void of not having a father in the household has greatly damaged our community. Never in the history of our... more

The current state of the black community can't be fixed. It has been broken so long that generations deem the broken state normal. Sometime things must die to bring in something new and better. This show will focus on letting go the old to... more

Tonight we will speak on parents that was abusive to their children. Many people grew up with mental,verbal and physical abuse. Due to their childhood some of them suffer in their relationships,personal life or overall mental health.... more

Women have dating preferences when it comes to men. For example tall,fit,dress nice,money etc. There is nothing wrong with having a preference unless your a man. If a man rejects a woman based on his preferences he is attacked for it.... more

Rejection is something that we all will deal with at some point in our lives. It could be on the playground in a game where your not picked. There could be people on your job that don't like you for no reason at all. We all have experienced... more

Most guys can never understand why decent women chase bad boys aka thugs. They date these guys who clearly could care less about them. The more they ignore them the more they want them. They use and abuse the... more

Many people are tired of the dating scene and want to settle down. Marriage is a honorable thing but many don't attain it for many reasons. Some can't even get a marriage proposal to save their life. This show will cover if your a person that is... more

We will discuss parenting and the effects it has on children. I am raising teenagers and it brings a different dynamic to our style of parenting. We must deal with our kids and their friends. They develop their own style of dress and... more

LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling has started a firestorm in the media. The remarks he made about black people are beyond disgusting. This same man was sued by the federal government twice for discriminating against Black and... more
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