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The Adventure Bois

The Adventure Bois


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Welcome to the Adventure Bois. The I is gender neutral,and if you like D&D, players making fools of themselves, and good times,this is the podcast for you. The realm of Eo is plagued by monsters, fiends, undead, and even rampant adventurers. The Adventure Bois follows a group of troublesome travelers known as "Kets Modith" as they make their mark on the material plane. New episodes up every Tuesday!

On-Demand Episodes

Episode 17. The Bois continue their struggle against the Avatar of Lolth. The party find their stamina, their willpower, and their health bars tested. As the stakes (and spikes) begin to rise the battle begins to mold the battlefield. Luci's plan falls to... more

Episode: 16. Fifteen episodes of conflict and story comes to a peak as the party enters the combat of their lives. In this episode the Bois showcase their combat expertise as well as the ability to absorb absolute terror and pain. If you like... more

Episode:15. With help of friends and family around the keep and beyond, our bois finally finish preparing for the upcoming battle. Marufi comes up with a wild plan, Luci talks about his family, and Chingar is denied giant strength. In this... more

Episode 14. After cleaning up a muddy mess left behind after an assault on Casa De Modith, the party speaks with Armitage Scourge to determine new leads. Morinth speaks with an anicent entity known as Vecna, Chingar and Ralkia seek... more

Episode 13. The bois find themselves back at home wondering about Ana's fate. This time Ralkia is the bird-man with the plan. Chingar eats icecream at lightnening speed, Luci digs up a plant, and Darkleer finally gets to assassinate... more

Episode 12. After experiencing a proper jail sentence, the party collects themselves and their gear only to notice they are missing an important ally. Chingar and Luci come to understand that life is a highway, Darkleer and... more

Episode: 11. The afterlife for our bois leaves quite a bit to be desired. As the bois awaken, shackled and dazed, they look around for a way out of their current predicament. Ralkia breaks chains, Morinth flashes a zombie, and Darkleer gets... more

Episode 10: After interrogating the patrons of the ball, our bois dance, talk, and sneak around the Unseelie palace looking for answers. Chingar gets in a duel, Luci has yet another plan, Darkleer becomes less visible than ever, and... more

Episode 9: Our bois find themselves in the Feywild after being recruited to defend the queen of the Seelie court. The party gears up and sets out to face the perils that this plane has to offer. Luci, Chingar, Ralkia grapple some elk, Ana speaks... more

Episode 8: After finally making it to Fellwood, our bois are faced with days long past. After some brief investigation, the party makes some new friends, takes Solara for a ride, and finds themselves in an unique new land. Brought face to... more