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Marie Levit

The Mamarie Show


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"Don't ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people that have come alive." - Howard Thurman The Mamarie Show is about people who dared to come alive and live it to the fullest. People who had the courage to step up to their fears and problems and chose to create a life they love rather than settle for one that is familiar and pre-determined by their fearful beliefs and thoughts. People who refuse to back down and feel small, and respond to life's challenges with courage and grace. People who dare to take actions on inspired thoughts when everyone around them believes they are out of their minds. And by following their hearts, and taking these actions, they've managed to not only change their own lives, but those of others as well. This show is also about people who, after listening to the moving stories of our guests, made a choice to to step up to their own challenges and take inspired actions themselves. The Mamarie Show guests and listeners are a true celebration of diversity. People of different religious backgrounds and faiths, cultural and economic backgrounds, age, political views, sexual affiliation, people with different talents and professions, people in different countries and continents…all joining together to celebrate life and support each other and our planet in a transformation of peace and freedom.

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Caroline Joy Adams is the creator of Inspirations, the autnor of three published books, an artist, counselor, inspiratinal workshop leader, and college professor of Writing, Film, and COmmmunication. currently living in Arizona. Her highest goal... more

Christina McEntire tunes into the energy of the Angels and many levels of consciousness to help people heal in a unique and fascinating way. Previously a computer programmer without any intuition whatsoever, her journey began in... more

Robert S. Friedman, the founder of Rainbow Ridge, founded his first publishig company in 1974. The Donning Company/ Publishers published a variety of books, including over 400 pictorial histories of counties, cities, and states.... more

Sanam is a talented performing artist, specializing in Bellydance and Bollywood dance, a skilled choreographer and instructor in Atlanta, Georgia. Sanam’s unique style, exotic features and mesmerizing stage presence has made her one of the... more

After traveling around the world (literally!) for a year – and then around the USA for three more years – Jane Belisle and her husband Pat created RendezVous: a potluck and music fest. Together they opened their home and hosted this... more

After going through a series of profound awakenings and having both the spiritual seeker and spiritual teacher identities unexpectedly fall apart, Ariel found himself delightfully thrilled at the prospect of diving ever more deeply into the openness... more

After years of intense soul searching and work on themselves to release painful issues (both from this life, and past lives)… overcome fears… and help many others along the way… David Tendrich and Lou Levit have recently "stumbled" into what... more

An encounter with Edgar Cayce’s clairvoyant discourses on the Bible and the lives of Jesus was a transformational experience in Robert’s life that has since guided him in a search for an ever increasing conscious connection and... more

Ben Risby-Jones embarked on his life’s work after literally being “struck by light” at age 19. This amazing experience inspired a spiritual awakening that led him on an 7-year journey to sacred sites around the world. Ben is a naturopath,... more