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The Great Experiment is over. Now it is time to Release the BEAST! WOOOO! Welcome to The Wolf Pack Podcast… Hello, this is horror author William Pattison, aka Eric Morse, The King of Splatter Punk. The Wolf Pack features the talents of myself, independent filmmaker Derek Young, author and reviewer/author/ horror expert Christopher Highland, musician and reviewer Wayne “Count6String” Goulden, paranormal enthuiast Kim “The Countess” Goulden, FX artist and musician Mary “Nurse Hatchet” Madcox, and from the website Racks and Razors Greg Russell Tiderington. Together these individuals have come together in order to create a unique and varied internet radio experience. Each week we will thrill the listener to a different style of show in the world of horror and science fiction. Check our this page for upcoming shows….Welcome to the show!!!.. If you are new to the show we have season 1, 2, and 3 of The Eric Morse Project as well as classic episodes of The Eric Morse Show in our archive. Remember you can download MP3s of my past shows by simply hitting the RSS feed button on the left of this description. Or, if you have Itunes simply hit the Itunes button...ALSO, CHECK OUT OUR SHOW EXTRAS AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE. .. Enjoy, and Remember to Keep America Strong, Watch Horror Films...WOOO!

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R&R hosts Greg Russell Tiderington, Derek Young, Kelly Hughes and Brent Page interview a full 45 minute show with b-horror director Jim Wynorski (Chopping Mall, Sorority House Massacre 2: Nighty Nightmare, 976 Evil II: The... more

Derek Young is on the set of Toxic TuTu a mockumentary of what's happened to the Toxic Avenger and he is going to have some on set interviews, so be ready with Eric Morse for the fun....

Join Count6String, THE HORROR SEX SYMBOL Christopher Highland, and Eric Morse as they chat about the wonderful world of fan productions. It has been nearly thirty four years since Ernie Fosselius did his original fan film, Hardware... more

Two days ago we lost a great performer and artist, Mr Robin Williams.Mr. Williams, who suffered from bipolar depression, killed himself in his Tiberon home. Since then the media and fans have gone nuts over this situation. There have... more

Join Countess Kim and Eric Morse as they talk to the descendent of America's first serial killer, H H Homes, Jeff Mudget. Jeff will talk about his ancestor and how there is a chance the Mr Homes might not only be America's first... more

On this special Eric Morse chats with actor Ken Sagoes (Kincade from A Nightmare on Elm Street 3 and 4). Ken has a special film project that is dear to his heart that he is trying to get funded thru Kick Starter. His short film, Secret... more

Join Eric Morse and a panel of surprise guests as they chat about the controversy that has erupted from this year's San Diego ComiCon. Supposedly female guests and cosplayers have had to deal with a lot of unwanted attention which has in... more

Join THE HORROR SEX SYMBOL Christopher Highland and Eric Morse as they discuss the classic Hammer film, The Devil Rides Out. Then they will continue with the zombie revenge film, Savaged. Also be ready for both... more

Join Eric Morse as he chats with director and film distributor Scarlet Fry. Then be ready when Eric chats with director and author Creep Creepersin. It will be an evening with these two indie powerhouses that you will not want to miss....
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