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The Great Experiment is over. Now it is time to Release the BEAST! WOOOO! Welcome to The Wolf Pack Podcast… Hello, this is horror author William Pattison, aka Eric Morse, The Harlan Ellison of Horror. The Wolf Pack features the talents of myself, independent filmmaker Derek Young, author and reviewer Christopher Highland, musician and reviewer Wayne “Count6String” Goulden, paranormal enthuiast Kim “The Countess” Goulden, FX artist and musician Mary “Nurse Hatchet” Madcox, and horror merchandise expert The Mysterious Scott Le Strange. Together these individuals have come together in order to create a unique and varied internet radio experience. Each week we will thrill the listener to a different style of show in the world of horror and science fiction. Check our this page for upcoming shows….Welcome to the show!!!.. If you are new to the show we have season 1, 2, and 3 of The Eric Morse Project as well as classic episodes of The Eric Morse Show in our archive. Remember you can download MP3s of my past shows by simply hitting the RSS feed button on the left of this description. Or, if you have Itunes simply hit the Itunes button...ALSO, CHECK OUT OUR SHOW EXTRAS AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE. .. Enjoy, and Remember to Keep America Strong, Watch Horror Films...WOOO!

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Join Greg Russell Tiderington, Doktor Strange, and Derek Young as their interview of the month is cult writer/director/producer Kenneth J. Hall. They will be discussing his work on the films such as The Tomb, Evil Spawn,... more
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Join Derek Young and Eric Morse as the welcome The Monster Man himself, Cleve Hall. This is special because Cleve and Derek have a special announcement about Epic Con in Ohio....

Join Count6String, THE HORROR SEX SYMBOL Christopher Highland, and Eric Morse as they start the first of a series of discussion on the popular horror TV series The Walking Dead. This month they start at the beginning and talk about... more

Join Countess Kim and Eric Morse as the discuss malevolent entities that come through the ouija board, like Zozo. Also they will talk about black eyed kids and the clown sightings in Northcampton and Staten Island. It is going to be... more

Join THE HORROR SEX SYMBOL Christopher Highland and Eric Morse as they chat about the first season of the television series Hannibal and its inspiration Red Dragon. Also, be ready for both Christopher and Eric's movie reviews along with... more

Join Eric Morse as he celebrates the end of Artists in Horror Month for 2014. The phone lines will be open for anyone who wants to express some last minute appreciation on the air.....

Join Derek Young and Eric Morse as they welcome the infamous Hart Fisher. Hart will talk about his time as CEO of of Boneyard Press and his internet radio show, Hart Attack, as well as his free movie channel American Horrors...

Join Moderator Derek Young as he brings Eric Morse and the people in the horror community who have issues with him together to discuss their issues...

Get ready when the most infamous guy in horror and the most infamous guy in Ufology come together and chat about their experiences in both horror and Ufology and there are amazing similarities in both groups. Get ready as the... more

Join Eric Morse, Count6String, and Christopher Highland as they welcome Nicholas Tana, the creator of the popular webseries Hell's Kitty to the show. Nicholas will be chatting about the struggles of putting on a webseries.
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