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The YAY Team with Gary Spolansky & Suzanne Mazzarella. - We talk about Spirituality, Personal Growth, Metaphysics, Changing Times, & most importantly FUN!

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Have you been feeling stressed out? Are you caught up in the rat race of the pressures of everyday life and it is draining your energy? If so, join Gary and Suzanne and take a walk on the nature side!They will explain how connecting... more

Its not easy for kids these days. They're under a lot of stress keeping up with thier schoolwork, living up to the expectations of their parents, dealing with bullying and and peer pressure. In addition to all this, today's kids are more... more

As children, we were taught that there's a right way and wrong way to see ourselves, our lives and the world we live in. Those thoughts and concepts shaped our world and view of it, but can also limit us from expanding our views... more

Is there more to our world than meets the eye? Are we really aware of all that goes on in our lives behind the scenes? In this weeks show, we share with you several stories of our experiences that indicate there is much more going on... more

Have you ever wondered what those surreal adventures are that you go on every night while you sleep? Join the YAY Team as we discuss why we dream, the 3 primary types of dreams and how to have questions answered in your dreams.... more

All healing is self healing and the most effective way to release our issues, is to move out of the head and into the body. In bypassing the mind and working directly with where the emotion manifests in the body, we create a connection... more

Are you having a difficult year so far? Maybe your relationships or finances are posing a challenge. Do you feel stuck on your path or are you experiencing the loss of a job? The answer may reside within your personal year number. On... more

Have you ever wondered if you are a "young soul" or an "old soul?" Did you know there are more levels to consider? On this show, we will be discussing the various soul ages (there are seven in total) and how they manifest in people.... more

True power is a win-win scenario and not the ego driven force it's portrayed to be in movies, tv, and comic books. In fact, it can be gentle, loving and supportive. Join us for a unique program that will help you to find the true power within... more

Do you ever wonder why some situations happen in your life? What would you say if I told you that you planned them before you were born? On tonight's program, we will discuss some of the concepts of Pre-Birth Planning. We hope... more