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Our Purpose is helping people find their answers, through Correllian spiritual teachings, and guided Shamanic meditations. Hosted by Stephanie Neal

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Making The TaroT Yours #4b The Twos Continued With Stephanie Neal

Subject: Making The TaroT YourS With Stephanie Neal The Twos of the Waite, Rider and Smith Tarot Deck It is most helpful to secure this deck and have them as each is iscussed. -Judgment -Justice -The High Priestess -The twos of all... more

The World Walkers' Network with Stephanie Neal The TaroT Lesson One Part 3 #3-The first TaroT group . The Ones

The World Walkers' Network with Rev. Stephanie Neal Lesson One / 2 Session- Exploring Life Through the Tarot Subject: Aces applied to our lives!

The World Walkers' Network Exploring Life Through the Tarot with Rev. Stephanie Neal Lesson One Session 1 Discussing all Four Tarot Suites as groups and begin discussing all Aces. Needed: Secure a Rider-Waite Deck

#15B World Walkers' Forum Ancestors Speak Arch Priestess' Krystel High Correll and Stephanie Neal will be discussing the Spiritual art of Channeling with the Correllian Nativiist Ancestors.

#1 Ancestors Speak with Lady Krystel High Correll & Stephanie Neal Topic: Hear the Correllian Ancestors through Channelling Krystel and Stephanie will channel Correllian Ancestors.


#15A Ancestors Speak with Krystel High Correll & Stephanie Leon Neal Topic: Introducing Correllian Ancestors

With Stephanie Neal