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Host: Sandy Redfearn. A refreshing voice designed to equip, empower and raise up a generation to know God intimately.

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TO fall in Love with GOD is ... the greatest of all romances. TO Seek HIM...the greatest adventure. TO Find HIM...the greatest human achievement! Discover an Ancient Gate to a lifetime of romance, filled with conversations. JOIN LIFE... more

Don't allow your present condition to determine your future! Every Moment is a NEW in your life. Has the Present become a permanent barrier to conceiving greater possibilities? Join Life Coach, conference speaker: Sandy Redfearn... more

DISCOVER THE PLACE WHERE IMPOSSIBLE DREAMS ARE CONCEIVED .. GOOD MORNING...GOD CALLS IT THE WOMB! You will never look at mornings the same again... JOIN ME for this encouraging word. Life Coach, Radio host,... more

Conference Speaker, Writer, Life Coach: Sandy Redfearn Did you know that victories are usually won or lost before breakfast. 6 Things impossible things before breakfast..continues. We are talking about when GOD shares that... more

What happens when GOD invites us to pray for the impossible's to become possible? The invitation is to who ever will believe. Have you RSVP yet? GOD has written the invitation in His word for those who would believe all things... more

6 IMPOSSIBLE THINGS... before breakfast ! This is Deeper! This will change your life!!! Will you join thousands and believe?

You were called to an UNUSUAL LIFE.... Has your christian walk become business as usual? Sitting on the shore with little results? The first step to receiving enlargement is to acknowledge the stale places of business as usual...... more

Why would Jesus want to step into your business? Are you ready for a New business plan? Can He give you a harvest ministry? I hear the Lord saying; Church don't be afraid...go deeper!

DEEPER STILL... "When our revelation of God becomes stale...our worship gets stale." Our life is the fragrance offered to the Lord. Ready for times of refreshing in the Presence of the Lord? New F

When Life Gets dull and what use to work doesn't work for us anymore... dissatisfaction, disquieted, downcast... The luster for life fades and the music is old... What GOD? Join me at the Waterbrook Tuesday 6:30 am cst. Life Coach,... more