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WIBR/WARN "Watchman Alert Radio Network", is part of our Radio and online ministry presence. Collectively, we are the WIBR/WARN Radio and ministry, which is an end time preaching, teaching, and warning agency heralding in the second coming of Yeshua Ha Massiach, Jesus Christ to this earth. Our ministry presence in radio has been going on for many, many years. Today the Warn Radio broadcasts have the Watchman Dana Smith, Tower, and the Warrior holding up the microphone. We are Messianic Christian Believers, that purpose to walk by Faith as the Remnant in these last days. If you purpose to walk by faith and plan to make a difference in these last days, then join us Mon & Thurs for our Headline news at noon; then Tues and Fridays 7-9 pm mst. Check the Schedule regularly, as we may add or remove programs. Be sure to join us as we continue this journey in the “Whirlwind of the Last Days.”

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The One hour news show breaking the Prophetic sound barrier, part talk show, part call in, and part end of days! The Week Ahead Prophecy Headline News hour at Noon 2014 comes at you with hard hitting headlines, commentary, views, interviews, call ins. A jam packed show that is script free, no reading here; it is live, at the moment, and taking headlines right off the world wide web. WIBR/WARN Ministry sites:
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Hope amidst Blood Moon, Bloody Days, and a Bloody Mess on Prophecy Headline News at noon I could use all the typical Christian jargon like ?End of Days?, ?Prophetic?, ?Tribulation?, ?Rise of the Beast?, and ?Jacobs Trouble?;... more

No Greater Love Pt1 | Show ID#081914-no-greater-love-pt1 No Greater Love, an Prophetic End of Day's Journey for the Remnant believer No Greater Love, this is a journey in the Word of God to find truth, hope, and love. In this we find... more

Coming Race War, lawless border, America's chaos on Prophecy Headline News Ferguson is lit and the fire is growing; yet we find that many forces are ready to bring full scale chaos. Join us as we look at this serious and somber... more

Final Authority Lord God of the Nations Pt2 |Show ID# shabb-081514-final-auth-Lord-god-nations-pt2 Final Authority Lord God of the Nations Pt2 finds The Lord God visiting Abraham and saying "shall I hide from... more

Psalm 119: Building the House in the Way of the LORD Pt3 rb-081214-psalm-119-build-house-way-lord-pt3 | Psalm 119: Building the House in the Way of the LORD Pt3 continues tonight with the Psalmist saying that... more

Call to Prepare War, End Target Jerusalem End of Days Prophecy Headline News There has been a Call to Prepare War which has gone out. It has whispered through the tents, towns, and villages of the world; calling out the mighty men... more

Final Authority Lord God of the Nations Pt1 finds us beginning with the Governor of the earth. It is this Governor, this ruler, this Lord and God; who all men will answer to one day. As the nations rage and the people in them rage against the... more

Assyrian Genocide, Israeli ceasefire, and American ineptitude on Prophecy Headline News fill the information coffers with more than enough to keep you busy. Yet there is more! Yet there is Hope! But amidst the turmoil of the end of... more

Psalm 119: Building the House in the Way of the LORD Pt2 arrives at the beginning of a prayer of understanding. Here we take the path along Psalm 119 to mercy and salvation. Remember the word unto thy servant, upon which thou... more

Today's show finds us in Guerilla warfare living in the wickedness of Perilous times. It is here that the Remnant believers in Yeshua find this Guerilla War in the flesh and carnal; but spiritual with Mighty weapons to the Pulling down of... more
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