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WIBR/WARN "Watchman Alert Radio Network", is part of our Radio and online ministry presence. Collectively, we are the WIBR/WARN Radio and ministry, which is an end time preaching, teaching, and warning agency heralding in the second coming of Yeshua Ha Massiach, Jesus Christ to this earth. Our ministry presence in radio has been going on for many, many years. Today the Warn Radio broadcasts have the Watchman Dana Smith, Tower, and the Warrior holding up the microphone. We are Messianic Christian Believers, that purpose to walk by Faith as the Remnant in these last days. If you purpose to walk by faith and plan to make a difference in these last days, then join us Mon & Thurs for our Headline news at noon; then Tues and Fridays 7-9 pm mst. Check the Schedule regularly, as we may add or remove programs. Be sure to join us as we continue this journey in the “Whirlwind of the Last Days.”

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The One hour news show breaking the Prophetic sound barrier, part talk show, part call in, and part end of days! The Week Ahead Prophecy Headline News hour at Noon 2014 comes at you with hard hitting headlines, commentary, views, interviews, call ins. A jam packed show that is script free, no reading here; it is live, at the moment, and taking headlines right off the world wide web. WIBR/WARN Ministry sites:
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Discipleship in Declaring Christ Pt1 | ID#shabb-111814-discipleship-declare-christ-pt1 The generation of the end of days and Jacobs trouble will be without excuse; for God will give a final and full... more

Un-Holy in the House of the Holy on Prophecy Headline News 11-17-14 Un-Holy in the House of the Holy on Prophecy Headline News! The church in America has passed the point of understanding truth in the biblical form of which it was meant... more

As in the Time of Noah Pt2 on Sound the Shofar ' As in the Time of Noah Pt2 begins where we really are today. People will not endure sound doctrine. They won't sit still to hear it, they are not interested in it, and they want to be... more

Chaos and the Cup of Trembling on Prophecy Headline News 11-13-14 Chaos and the Cup of Trembling, which is ‘Jerusalem's Cup of trembling'! It is true that on Prophecy Headline news we are never far away from the end of days... more

Remnant Thanksgiving 2014 | rb-111114-thanksgiving ?Let us always remember to give to our Great God and his Son Jesus Christ the Giving of Thanks in Thankfulness and Thanksgiving! Thankfulness for his grace, mercy, and... more

End of days Prophecy Headline News hour at Noon 2014 comes at you with hard hitting headlines, commentary, views, interviews, call ins. This week I finish our End of Days segment in regard to Noe's day and the news, this is important as... more

End of Days: The People of the Last Day's "It's about the People, it always has been! The devil knows it, so do we. Let us understand this fact, really, God sent his only begotten Son to die on the cross for the ‘Sins of... more

As it was in the Day of Noah on Prophecy Headline News 11-06-14 In the world chaos rules, ISIS beheads and kills, and in many Islamic nations Christians are persecuted worse than ever and we have covered this. But today as it pointed in... more

Jesus, Savior, God; the Name Question | rb-110414-name-question Jesus, Savior, God; the Name Question has answers about biblical Hebrew from scholars like Dr. Mike Heiser and Dr. Michael Brown. We also have Asher Intrater's... more

Who is my Enemy on Prophecy Headline News 11-03-14 The News is hot and the whole world is in chaos and today's show ?Who is my enemy? on Prophecy Headline news at noon will take up the important issues that are in the world... more
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