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WIBR/WARN "Watchman Alert Radio Network", is part of our Radio and online ministry presence. Collectively, we are the WIBR/WARN Radio and ministry, which is an end time preaching, teaching, and warning agency heralding in the second coming of Yeshua Ha Massiach, Jesus Christ to this earth. Our ministry presence in radio has been going on for many, many years. Today the Warn Radio broadcasts have the Watchman Dana Smith, Tower, and the Warrior holding up the microphone. We are Messianic Christian Believers, that purpose to walk by Faith as the Remnant in these last days. If you purpose to walk by faith and plan to make a difference in these last days, then join us Mon & Thurs for our Headline news at noon; then Tues and Fridays 7-9 pm mst. Check the Schedule regularly, as we may add or remove programs. Be sure to join us as we continue this journey in the “Whirlwind of the Last Days.”

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WIBR-WARN Radio show seg.desc.2014 Remnant Battle Lines Prophectic End of days Remnant Battle Lines Tuesdays 7-9 pm mst Remnant Battle Lines features, biblical analysis, factual information, and viewpoints which are intended to be useful in arriving at an understanding of the Prophetic events of our time. Remnant Battle Lines is an indepth biblical analysis on topics, bible passages, bible books, theology, prophecy, events, and other biblical related items; from topical sermons and teachings to exegitical sermons and teachings. Remnant Battle Lines is a ministry of WIBR/WARN Radio and features the indepth anointed preaching and teaching of the Watchman Dana G Smith WIBR/WARN Ministry sites:
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End of Days ?Much Tribulation? on Prophecy Headline News covers issues around the world today that of relevance to these end days. In Bangladesh Christian Pastors who spoke the truth of Jesus Christ are facing jail time. There... more

The Compatibility of Christmas with the Believer 2014 | ID# rb-121614-compat-christmas.mp3 The Compatibility of Christmas with the Remnant Believer for 2014 is about the essence of the holiday called... more

After the Beginning of Sorrows on Prophecy Headline News After the Beginning of Sorrows on Prophecy Headlines News will being in India where Hindu radicals bent on destroying Christianity at Christmas are continuing their assault of... more

Christian Don't Return to Egypt Pt2 | ID# rb-112814-christian-don't-return-egypt-pt2 Christian Don't Return to Egypt Pt2 begins with Israel who is required to have faith and trust in the Lord. Israel here... more

The world today in Focus on Prophecy Headline news looks at a snapshot of America and it's move toward an end that many want to deny. Meanwhile we Focus on Islam and how it is built on the blood of Martyrs. But these are not... more

Discipleship in Declaring Christ Pt3 | ID#shabb-121214-discipleship-declare-christ-pt3 Discipleship in Declaring Christ Pt3 Wraps up in this three part series with the Psalms calling "[Jesus Christ]... more

Today America's Three Piece Suit Prophets on Prophecy Headline News and with it, major news and events. Typhoon Hainan then and today it was Hagupit and it had the Philippines reeling. As we find America's Three Piece Suit Prophets... more

Discipleship in Declaring Christ Pt1 begins in the assurity that is based upon the Word of God. This sure and grounded truth is based also on the fact that God is not man, that he should lie It is upon this, by faith which we access into... more

The Nations: Shaken, Stirred, and Mixed Prophecy Headline News 11-24-14 The Nations: Shaken, Stirred, and Mixed on Prophecy Headline News today. From America to Eritrea, and on to Turkey, Syria, and Iraq; the Nations of men are... more
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