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Sound the Shofar Remnant Lessons Covenant Oath Deut. pt12

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Sound the Shofar

Remnant Lessons Covenant Oath Deut. pt12

Remnant Lessons Covenant Oath Deut. Pt12 begins amidst controversy and judgment dealing with divers weights and its lesson. We also find where the Apostle Paul and Yeshua also took up these laws in their day.


We then find an important chapter in Deut. 25 where we look at Israel's Oath of Roots and Oath of duty when in the land. Here we also look at the Prayer of covenant stated between Israel and the Lord God and it stated between the Lord God and Israel.  Do not miss this important portion of the Remnant lessons. They are vital to understanding.


"Enter In to those who Dare find the Truth!"

This is the place to be! But not for you! It is for those who can expect the unexpected and be prepared to hear, understand, and find out about those things hidden until now.

This is not for the faint of heart! Be Prepared!

There is Truth and Light, then there is deception and danger! We bring you the unvarnished truth and the light of the Word of God without reservation!


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