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Warm-Radio Prophetic End of Days "We are covering the End of Days as they Happen"..The Watchman Dana Smith Is 21:6 Warn Radio is for the Endtime Christian Believer in Jesus Christ; Yeshua Ha Massiach. The Watchman Dana Smith is a veteran broadcaster, former Pastor, Evangelist, and today heads up the WIBR/WARN Radio media. We are an end of days preaching, teaching, and warning agency. Today the Watchman invites you to join us as we enter into the Lines of the Remnant and the Battle before us. Victory is assured in Christ Jesus and we are the Remnant by Faith and the promises. We feature in depth biblical teachings, guest interviews, special presentations, and Prophecy Headline news.

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Due to unforseen circumstances, this show is cancelled until next week. The High, Exalted One and His People pt2 | ID# shabb-030615-high-exalted-one-his-people-pt2 | The High, Exalted One, and His People Part 2 gets down in Isaiah and major prophecies concerning the hand of God in brining forth his Salvation unto the ends of the earth. It is also here that we find the LORD bringing forth Zion and the phrase "Thy God reigneth" is proven over and over again. The world in it's rebellion will meet head on with this God and our Father; who through his Son has set his name above all names. A study on the Lord, His dealing with Israel, and his message to the church. A study on the Massiach, with a message to Israel and a reassurance to the church in whom to believe! Finally a message that God is not done with Israel, nor the church; one day there will be one in Christ Jesus, male and female, Jew and Gentile all one in the Son of David, the Massiach, the Son of God Yeshua, Jesus Christ to the glory of the Father. WIBR/WARN Radio sites:
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Prophecy News, Middle East and Defining End of Days | ID# rbl-030515-prophecy-middle-east-end-days-pt1 Today's schedule: World events: Middle east will be on the agenda for 1st and 2nd hour followed by our teaching... more

The High, Exalted One and His People | ID# shabb-022015-high-exalted-one-his-people-pt1 The High, Exalted One, the Lord who sent of his Son Jesus Christ; Yeshua Ha Massiach to this earth and he is... more

UpFront: The Watchman n Warrior look at World Events and Prophecy in this time of the biblical scan of these last days. On our Second hour and Third hour is an extended teaching on Held in Contempt of the Lord's Court of Justice Pt2. We... more

Colossians Centricity of Christ P3 | shabb-021315-colossians-centricity-christ-pt3 Colossians Centricity of Christ Pt3 starts in the Cares of this world and the parable of the Sower. We have many listeners today, but the question is; How... more

Colossians Centricity of Christ Pt2 | shabb-colossians-centricity-christ-pt2 Colossians Centricity of Christ Pt2 begins with the head of the body, he who is the beginning, he who is the first born from the Dead, and he who in all things has... more

The Shinar Directive: Preparing the Way for the Son of Perdition ==>You can get the book "The Shinar Directive here" Remnant Battle Lines Prophetic End of Days "Covering the End of Days as they happen" In our 1st, 2nd hour is Dr. Michael... more

Colossians Centricity of Christ Pt1 | shabb-colossians-centricity-christ-pt1 Colossians Centricity of Christ Pt1 deals with the good order and steadfastness of faith in Christ Jesus, In this we find the Centricity of Christ, that being... more

Warn Radio Celebrates 1000 Episodes on Blogtalkradio We were there, in the beginning of Blogtalkradio when everything was in the Beta stage. There were problems, there was a new format and an idea. I had learned of the new... more

Surviving the Coming Afflictions 2015 pt3| ID# shabb-012315-surviving-afflictions-pt3 Surviving the Coming Afflictions 2015 pt3 on Warn Radio Sound the Shofar Surviving the Coming Afflictions 2015 Pt3... more
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