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Warm-Radio Prophetic End of Days "We are covering the End of Days as they Happen"..The Watchman Dana Smith Is 21:6 Warn Radio is for the Endtime Christian Believer in Jesus Christ; Yeshua Ha Massiach. The Watchman Dana Smith is a veteran broadcaster, former Pastor, Evangelist, and today heads up the WIBR/WARN Radio media. We are an end of days preaching, teaching, and warning agency. Today the Watchman invites you to join us as we enter into the Lines of the Remnant and the Battle before us. Victory is assured in Christ Jesus and we are the Remnant by Faith and the promises. We feature in depth biblical teachings, guest interviews, special presentations, and Prophecy Headline news. www.warn-radio.com www.warn-usa.com www.wingswatchman.org

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Noah's Prophetic End of Days pt3 'Light amidst darkness' plus Prophecy news hr|www.warn-usa.com | WIBR/WARN Radio It is the Days of Noah, a time of rebellion and the time when the sins of the nations combine to serve the dark one; yet in this darkness a True light shines forth It has been declared in the beginning and the Word was there. He was the Word, the Word was with God, and the Word was God. The Word is life, the Word is light. In the darkness of the end of days when chaos rules and darkness shrouds the thoughts of men minds and their hearts, there is hope. No matter how dark the night, light cometh in the morning. A new day dawns and the Son of God shall appear. It is here in this study of Noah's prophetic End of Days that we find 'Light amidst the darkness' and 'Hope that can replace despair'.
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Trumpets 2016 Pt2 'He shall come' | www.warn-usa.com | WIBR/WARN Radio This is the Fall celebration involving the 'blowing of trumpets', and looks forward to another Trumpet that will sound heralding the Second coming of Yeshua to this... more

Noah's Prophetic End of Days pt2 'Lifestyle choices' plus Prophecy news hr |www.warn-usa.com | WIBR/WARN Radio Tonight it is about the choices you make in your lifestyle. It is here that many before you have made the wrong... more

Trumpets 2016 'blowing of Trumpets' | www.warn-usa.com | WIBR/WARN Radio This is the Fall celebration involving the 'blowing of trumpets', a time of joy and prophecy looking forward Trumpets 2016 is the Fall feast, or celebration... more

Noah's Prophetic End of Days pt1 plus Prophecy news hr |www.warn-usa.com | WIBR/WARN Radio Upfront in Hour one, the Watchman n Tower discuss world events in light of biblical prophecy. We are there, the place that the book records... more

Yom Kippur 2016 Pt3 'Atoned Mercy' | www.warn-usa.com | WIBR/WARN Radio He is the High Priest, the Lamb that took away the sins of the world, that atoning sacrifice, he is Lord of Lords and every Knee shall bow, every tongue shall... more

9-15-16 Due to technical difficulties, not on our equipment but on the internet and phone provider, we have a limited show. We were able to do a one hour show, though. We discussed: Increased mega-churches, South Sudan and... more

Yom Kippur 2016 | www.warn-usa.com | WIBR/WARN Radio The Azazel Goat represents that one which had brought men into sin and here we find the judgment of that goat and what he represents. The Sins separated the people... more

Tabernacles 2016 Pt2 'High Priest' Plus Prophecy News Hour |www.warn-usa.com | WIBR/WARN Radio UpFront in hour one is Prophecy news hour and world affairs, covering the latest events in the light of biblical prophecy. Following the... more

Yom Kippur 2016 'Redeemed' | www.warn-usa.com | WIBR/WARN Radio He came to Redeem us from our sin, he fulfilled Yom Kippur, he is the high priest after the order of Melchizedek, and is the atoning sacrifice We will discuss Yom... more
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