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Warm-Radio Prophetic End of Days "We are covering the End of Days as they Happen"..The Watchman Dana Smith Is 21:6 Warn Radio is for the Endtime Christian Believer in Jesus Christ; Yeshua Ha Massiach. The Watchman Dana Smith is a veteran broadcaster, former Pastor, Evangelist, and today heads up the WIBR/WARN Radio media. We are an end of days preaching, teaching, and warning agency. Today the Watchman invites you to join us as we enter into the Lines of the Remnant and the Battle before us. Victory is assured in Christ Jesus and we are the Remnant by Faith and the promises. We feature in depth biblical teachings, guest interviews, special presentations, and Prophecy Headline news. www.warn-radio.com www.warn-usa.com www.wingswatchman.org

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Paul to the Romans pt1: 'Called to be Saints' Plus Prophecy News Hr | www.warn-usa.com | WIBR/WARN Radio Upfront in hour one tonight we feature the Watchman and Tower who discuss the latest world news and events in the light of biblical prophecy. In hour two and three we begin our new series, Paul to the Romans Pt1: 'Called to be Saints.' In the empire of the Romans, we find civil power, military power, and the Power of God through Christ. It is here that the two powers meet. Rome itself, we may picture it at the date of the Epistle as containing, with its suburbs, a closely massed population of perhaps 800,000 people; a motley host of many races, with a strong oriental element, among which the Jews were present as a marked influence, despised and sometimes dreaded, but always attracting curiosity…Barnes Paul is in Corinth and is writing to the Romans on issues vital to the church there. The book of Romans has been read and quoted by Clement of Rome, Ignatius, Polycarp, Justin, Marcion, and in the bible; this book has major important doctrinal issues that were vital to the believers who live in the pagan city.
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Prophecy: Bloodguiltiness in the Last Days Pt2 'Blood crieth from the ground' | Warn-Usa.com | WIBR/WARN The beginning of Blood guilt goes back to these two brothers, one of whom killed the other and in the end; the blood of the... more

America: To whom shall you answer? Pt4 'Mystery Babylon' plus Prophecy news Hr | WIBR/WARN | www.warn-usa.com It is a Mystery, she is great, a Harlot, and mother of all abominations on earth and is drunk with the martyrs of Jesus The... more

Prophecy: Bloodguiltiness in the Last Days 'Spilling of Blood' Pt1 | www.warn-usa.com | WIBR/WARN The causal effect when bloodshed or the shedding of a man's blood [as in the squeezing of the grape which releases... more

America: To whom shall you answer? Pt3 'Go Set a watchman' plus Prophecy news Hr | WIBR/WARN | www.warn-usa.com It is fallen, fallen, the graven images of her gods lay dormant. The people flee but there is no escape... more

The Epistles of St. Paul to Timothy Pt5 'Perilous Times Final admonitions' The Apostle Paul now gets to the most difficult and hard to bear portion, describing how perilous it will be in the last days, warning Timothy of it. The evil... more

America: To whom shall you answer? pt2 'burden of Babylon' plus Prophecy news Hr Our Schedule for tonight features three one hour segments: Today's schedule: 1st hour is Prophecy News Hour with Watchman n Tower 6:30-7:30 2nd hour... more

The Epistles of St. Paul to Timothy Pt4 'Perilous Times shall come' A day and age that is hard to bear, one where the soul and heart of the righteous are vexed by the sheer magnitude of sin and iniquity The Apostle and Father in the faith to... more

America: To whom shall you answer? pt1a 'at what instant' plus Prophecy news Hr | WIBR/WARN | www.warn-usa.com Upfront this week on Prophecy News hour and world events; the Watchman and tower begin with our ongoing Polycarp... more

The Epistles of St. Paul to Timothy Pt3 'godliness with contentment' In a day and age where money and how much you have is a sign of your wealth and success; Pauls message to Timothy echo's volume. Paul brings up the issue of rich, gain,... more
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