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The Voice of Leadership

The Voice of Leadership


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The Voice of Leadership Network is a gathering place for leaders, seekers and all those with the passion to create positive, sustainable change in the world. The Voice of Leadership began as a quest. A quest is a physical and spiritual journey; a crossing over from a known world to uncharted possibilities; it is a willingness to undergo a metamorphosis for the sake of something bigger than ourselves. The Voice of Leadership at the VOL Connection amplifies the voices of leaders around the world co-creating the next chapter in human evolution. There is a leaders' voice in each and every one of us. It's time to turn up the volume. The whole world is listening!

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FROM BOYS TO MEN - What can be done to stop young men from becoming perpetrators of domestic violence later in life? David Gadd has over a decade of experience of conducting and analyzing in-depth interview research with offenders, and has written extensively on the subjects of domestic abuse, masculinities and crime, racial harassment, offender motivation and desistance from crime. He came to Manchester University in 2011. David is currently Head of Criminology and Director of the Centre for Criminology and Criminal Justice at Manchester University School of Law. David recently led two major research projects. One of these projects that really caught my attention and is nearing completion is - the From Boys to Men project - and looked at what can be done to stop young men becoming perpetrators of domestic violence in later life. Suparna Malhotra hosts the Gentle World Cafe on the Voice of Leadership Network.
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We've had Rick Tamlyn on the Voice of Leadership talking about Playing a Bigger Game, Linda had the privilege of being on the air with Dr. Otto Scharmer, Co-author of Theory U and Leading from the Emerging Future, and Presence.... more

?Let's face it, sexuality is an area where we could all use a little help…We receive very little education in our [North American] culture about our bodies and our pleasure beyond the basic mechanical and anatomical instruction?... more

This is a replay of a previously recorded program with Pauline Capalbo, Wendy Shulman and author, active dreamer Robert Moss. Robert Moss describes himself as a dream teacher, on a path for which there has been no career track in our... more

The practice of the ‘Vision Quest' has been around for hundreds of years. Many ancient cultures and tribal people have held it as a powerful right of passage and self-discovery process for it's people. In Australia, the Aboriginies... more

Suparna Dhar founded life's canvas in 2006 (www.lifescanvas.co.uk) and supports mums who have been through domestic abuse to gain the confidence to create happy, healthy and fun families. She is ‘The Freedom Coach' - Coach,... more

The Voice of Leadership launches its 2015 series, aptly named The Dark Underbelly of Leadership, with special guest Joss Rolands. This series, beginning on Thursday, January 22 at 8 PM Eastern time, will explore: Set in a salon... more

The Voice of Leadership values deep conversation about the subject of leadership. When world events, sometimes tragic events, occur, our intention is always to look at the events through the lens of leadership, not through political,... more

The Soul Matrix: Tantra: The Path to Love, Intimacy and God. How do we awaken the passion of love, intimacy and spirituality? How do we create deeply loving and fulfilling relationships? Join us as Carla Tara, intimacy expert, shares how and... more

Gender-based violence effects more women than men though men are also sadly at the receiving end of this. We are here on the planet as a human race. Both men and women are in this together and we wont make a dent in finding a... more

Ask 100 people if they understand the word intimacy and likely all will respond affirmatively. But how many people can move beyond the theory, and access intimacy - daily - on a practical level? Fear not, Ken Oakley will show you the... more
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