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The Voice of Leadership Network is a gathering place for leaders, seekers and all those with the passion to create positive, sustainable change in the world. The Voice of Leadership began as a quest. A quest is a physical and spiritual journey; a crossing over from a known world to uncharted possibilities; it is a willingness to undergo a metamorphosis for the sake of something bigger than ourselves. The Voice of Leadership at the VOL Connection amplifies the voices of leaders around the world co-creating the next chapter in human evolution. There is a leaders' voice in each and every one of us. It's time to turn up the volume. The whole world is listening!

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This program is about an intimate quest, one that you might easier overlook for something bigger, grander, and more celebrated. My guest can understand why that might happen, which is why she's on this quest to create a space for this very personal experience for herself and all those who stand in this space with her. This program is about loss, grieving, remembering and honoring. My guest tonight, Ellen Pearlman, has found a quest in writing about the loss of a best friend; quoting Harold Ivan Smith, author of Grieving the Death of a Friend, he writes, ?The death of a friend is one of the most significant (and) unrecognized experiences of grief in American culture.? Ellen is at the beginning of this journey and her way to honor, mourn, remember and reconcile is to invite others to participate in what she's created - The Loss Project. So, if you've ever grieved the loss of a best friend, join us for this very personal and passionate program. Ellen Pearlman is the co-author of Fast Forward, a book about the impact of the Internet published May 2000 by William Morrow. Ellen is currently President of her own consultancy specializing in media strategies and content development. Ms. Pearlman has served as a board member for Cybergrrl, a site dedicated to transforming women's lives through technology; strategic advisor to the Billion Minds Foundation, a worldwide non-profit organization dedicated to furthering global knowledge and innovation; chairwoman of the business advisory council of World Pulse, a social media enterprise covering global issues through women's eyes; member of the advisory board of, an online network for people who want to make a difference.
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