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The Voice of Leadership Network is a gathering place for leaders, seekers and all those with the passion to affect positive, sustainable change in the world. The Voice of Leadership began as a quest. A quest is a physical and spiritual journey; a crossing over from a known world to uncharted possibilities; it is a willingness to undergo a metamorphosis for the sake of something bigger than ourselves. The Voice of Leadership at the VOL Connection amplifies the voices of leaders around the world co-creating the next chapter in human evolution. There is a leaders' voice in each and every one of us. It's time to turn up the volume. The whole world is listening!

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Writer, Photographer Carol Mossa created Earth's School of Love to heal the planet one thought at a time. When asked to say a bit about herself, Carol replies: OMG, what can I say??? I love my life. I love my friends, and my family. I love this do-over of a life that is beyond my wildest dreams. I am blessed. Carol writes: "Earth's School Of Love was never my idea. The fully-formed thought came to me, one busy morning while sitting at my desk in my studio. At that time, I had absolutely NO IDEA what I was supposed to do with it, but I do recall knowing, intuitively, that I had just been given something of great importance. Several years later, I am utterly devoted to using my keen eye for photography, my writing skills, and my immense gratitude for this life, to create these singular works of art, conversation starters, and platforms for healing." Over the last several years, Earth's School of Love followers have continued to show up on Carol's page, leaving messages there, and privately, thanking her for taking the time to spread the message, not the mess. She take these demonstrations of faith to heart, and believes her work can, and does, make a difference in healing the planet, one thought at a time. Some recent remarks: "I love this site. Thank you." ~Lynette "I so love your page and it has been very helpful." ~Cathy "Love what you all post." ~Mary "I so enjoyed viewing your page and receiving your words of encouragement. Thank you, today, and every day." ~Bonnie "I absolutely love your posts! How do you come up with them? They're fresh, beautiful, and helpful." ~Connie "I just found this page. I feel like it was meant for me to find. It's so soulful." ~Mary
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Paul's a corporate refugee, David a serial entrepreneur. They created "What Matters" to eradicate needless suffering in the world. Life can become almost intolerably complex and demanding. Working, earning, parenting, teaming,... more

There is a Chinese proverb which reads, "When sleeping women wake, mountains move." Author, strategic futurist, and existential detective, Christopher Weber-Fürst is at the leading edge of this movement. His upcoming book... more

Parentology is a Philosophy that helps Parents develop skills to create life-long magical relationships with their children! It's mission is all about taking responsibility for the next generation and helping them lead successful, fulfilled... more

We are human beings awakening to the sacred, spiritual side of our divine nature. How do we maintain our sacred self in a chaotic world? How do we bring more Light to the world and embrace unity consciousness? Dr. Lorelynn Cardo, a... more

A paradigm shift is occurring and it's stirring up deeper desire in our intimate relationship with self and others. How do we make the shift from the old into the new? Pauline Capalbo, co host for The Soul Matrix and the host of Men Women... more

This is a replay of last month's program. Suparna Malhotra returns to the Voice of Leadership with the Gentle World Cafe. The Gentle World Cafe is designed to show how men and women can work in collaboration towards the prevention of... more

REPLAY PROGRAM: Mike Michalowicz (pronounced mi-'kal-o-wits) started his first business at the age of 24, moving his young family to the only safe place he could afford - a retirement building. With no experience, no contacts and no... more

The First People had questions and they were free. The Second People had answers and they were enslaved. Are we the First People or the Second People? This is the experience that WindEagle and WhiteEagle bring to those who hear... more

We need three things to live, someone to love, someone to love us and a purpose. The Men's Room is a place for men to learn new tools and to expand their ability to lead and stand in who they are. Being enough sets you free. The... more
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