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The Voice of Leadership Network is a gathering place for leaders, seekers and all those with the passion to create positive, sustainable change in the world. The Voice of Leadership began as a quest. A quest is a physical and spiritual journey; a crossing over from a known world to uncharted possibilities; it is a willingness to undergo a metamorphosis for the sake of something bigger than ourselves. The Voice of Leadership at the VOL Connection amplifies the voices of leaders around the world co-creating the next chapter in human evolution. There is a leaders' voice in each and every one of us. It's time to turn up the volume. The whole world is listening!

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Guest on the Soul Matrix, Amanda Romania, The Karma & Destiny of Nations. Pauline and Wendy take an in depth look at the karma and destiny of nations with Dr. Amanda Romania. Is there purpose in the destruction we are seeing today? How does karma and destiny of a nation affect the people born into it? Amanda will discuss the importance of how a greater understanding of destiny will change the world. What role does the Middle East play in our evolution? Join us to hear about the destiny of nations such as Germany, South Africa and the USA. For the past decade Amanda Romania has worked with indigenous elders and shamans on ritual and sacred site energy. Her soul mission is to support others on their spiritual journeys to create a positive global imprint. Amanda uses her gifts to teach individuals and groups to engage their hearts and essences and how universal energy can be understood and applied to everyday life. She has written many books including: Akashic Therapy, 25 Instant ways to raise your spiritual vibration in life, Akashic cosmic connection, Chasing Karma in high heels, and Writing for my soul. Her work is published by Random House and it has been translated around the world in German, Spanish, and Chinese.
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When asked why he wrote The Holy Universe, David Christopher replies, "Like so many people who left the faiths of their youth, I still wanted to believe, yearned to believe in something. But just as I found the interpretation of the stories of... more

What would happen if from a young age kids are taught not just academics but values? Our world would be a better place. Sapere, an organisation in the United Kingdom does just that. In this episode I will be talking to 2 students from... more

Replaying a timeless interview with one of the earliest recognized luminaries in the coaching profession. Kimsey-House founded CTI in 1992 with Laura Whitworth and Henry Kimsey-House. Together, they created the Co-Active... more

The Voice of Leadership offers part two of its series - The Dark Underbelly of Leadership. This is a seven part series that will air over the next seven months. We'll explore topics such as; Exactly what is Leadership?, What is the Dark... more

?Let's face it, sexuality is an area where we could all use a little help…We receive very little education in our [North American] culture about our bodies and our pleasure beyond the basic mechanical and anatomical instruction?... more

This is a replay of a previously recorded program with Pauline Capalbo, Wendy Shulman and author, active dreamer Robert Moss. Robert Moss describes himself as a dream teacher, on a path for which there has been no career track in our... more

The practice of the ‘Vision Quest' has been around for hundreds of years. Many ancient cultures and tribal people have held it as a powerful right of passage and self-discovery process for it's people. In Australia, the Aboriginies... more

Suparna Dhar founded life's canvas in 2006 ( and supports mums who have been through domestic abuse to gain the confidence to create happy, healthy and fun families. She is ‘The Freedom Coach' - Coach,... more

The Voice of Leadership launches its 2015 series, aptly named The Dark Underbelly of Leadership, with special guest Joss Rolands. This series, beginning on Thursday, January 22 at 8 PM Eastern time, will explore: Set in a salon... more
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