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How Consciousness Evolves Our Universe

  • Broadcast in Spirituality
The Voice of Ananda

The Voice of Ananda


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If consciousness is the subtest of the subtle, and seems the opposite of anything remotely material, how can massive universes emerge out of it?  Out of the unmanifest plenum of cns how do planets and people get rolled out?  Is the universe a self-organizing, onscious being, which is evolving each of us individually and collectively to play our roles in the cosmic leela joyously?  Or is it is a happenstance of matter and energy and the laws of probability, at the mercy of purely physical forces, in which we live and die meaninglessly?

To understand the evolution of the universe out of cns, it is important to recognize that inherent in cns is its immense, potent, infinite force, power, energy to materialize.  The dynamic, vibrational, ecstatic movement or play to express and manifest is celebrated in the Anandian traditions as the leela, or play of the Great Devi, Bhagavati, Isvari, the Goddess, the Divine Feminine.  So it is the dynamic play of pure cns, represented by Shiva, with his eternal energetic consort and counterpart, personified as Parvati or Shakti, that we experience as our world and universe.  In other words, the worlds are the interactive expressions of cns and energy enfolding and unfolding out of all forms and beings of the universe to finally find their integral unity in the One Brahman.

In this vision, the universe is an unfolding bubble of the matrix of cns-energy, in which animate and inanimate beings evolve as per the laws of their plane.  Our universe and all universes are epiphenomena of cns mediated by its integral energy.  The domain of energy and matter is the purview of the physical sciences, and the pursuit of cns in its integral nature is the domain of spiritual knowledge and practice.  Evolution is to be appreciated as the discovery and celebration, such as in the hide and seek game, of our inner wealth and treasure in the Self as pure joy, ananda.