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Consciousness: The Inside/In-sight View of The Rishis

  • Broadcast in Spirituality
The Voice of Ananda

The Voice of Ananda


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What is consciousness?  Modern science says it is a mere epiphenomenon of neural activity, emerging at the end of evolution.  Anandia's sages  — yogis, rishis, siddhas, and other seers — have revealed to us that consciousness is the Ultimate Eternal Reality, the very source of cosmic manifestation and human evolution. 

How can there be such polar opposite views on the same entity?!  The answer is simple. The modern lens of enquiry looks at consciousness from the outside in, as an external object to be probed out there in the brain's wetware through fMRI imaging, etc. The ancients took the exact opposite approach!  By looking within themselves — through meditation and other means — they found that consciousness is the ultimate internal subject, the seer of our sights, the knower of our mind, the being beyond our becomings, the immortal Self that survives our mortal body.  It is pure anandic awareness without any object. And it is also universally pervasive as the very substratum of the universe!  Such is the insider's view of this subtlest and most elusive truth. 

Since consciousness as the consummate subject refuses to be objectified, the path of the adepts is the way to get real knowledge — by direct spiritual experience — of the nature and workings of consciousness. 

In this session, you'll get the inside scoop on consciousness from the ring-side view of the Vedic rishis.   Their vision can be realized even today by anyone willing to do the needed spiritual training and practice. How this relates to speeding up our evolution to Homo anandicus, which gets going in a big way this year, will also be explored.