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The View from Montana


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Sharing events that take place on the local Government level, in what was the last good place to live.

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Will You be Prepared When the "War" Starts? Folks I am a guest on several blog talk radio shows, but I am still here, still kicking and still pissing people off. However, the real question is are you prepared for what is about to happen. Physically, mentally and emotionally. That will be the subject of the show. In the second half I have a guest joining me bringing you some basics that will help you survive. I'm not selling a damn thing, nor will I tell you where to spend your money. I just want you to know there is more out there that needs to be done. Also, I will be touching on the subject of coming physically together. War is here and the battles are about to begin.....are you ready? Wolf Contact Wolf 1 406-570-5202
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Restoration of Constitutional Government: The Plan Multiple shootings across the country. The president releasing known terrorists in exchange for a deserter. The Attorney General ramping up his anti "homegrown" terrorist goon squads. More... more

Were you surprised? Did your guy[s] win? Here's the MT Secretary of State results link for more details, Was there a lot of party... more

Join me for a lively discussion on taking back our nation. I have guest lined up however, there is a small snag in the scheduling and content. But folks we have a great show lined up either way! Contact Wolf 1... more

Are we living an illusion? Are we freer today than ten years ago? Twenty? Five? Do you really think the people are in control? Prove it. Tell us something that's happened in your neck of the woods to prove we are taking back our country or... more

The 1st American Restoration. ?Under One Banner? Where do we go from here? The plan of action series that will give us a path to the 1st American Restoration. Join my guest Gary Hunt, as we embark on a plan that is rooted in the... more

Remember when they were free and open? Now it seems that the more money a candidate has the more votes he/she can buy. But something else is quietly happening here in Montana and if you really look hard, you may see it in your... more

For this episode, a Montana Republic listener will be my guest in our discussion of Libertarianism. Is it the answer? What do you think? "Many individuals within the alternative media perform a valuable service by acting as government... more

Taking Back America. So What's The Answer? Here's a few suggestions that have been kicked around lately : 1) Constitution Convention aka Conference of States 2) Common Law Grand Juries 3) Committees of Safety 4) Constitution... more

Habeas Corpus Is it the Guardian of Liberty? What does it tell us about what the government should be? Join me and my guest Gary Hunt, Outpost For Freedom, on our defense of Liberty. Folks we need to be active but we also need to... more

Another Thursday nite of open phones. Tell us what can of worms you've been kicking around. How your local elections turned out, what you think of the others. We may also have a surprise future celeb guest come on so you'll just have to... more