The View from Montana

The View from Montana


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Sharing events that take place on the local Government level, in what was the last good place to live.

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My guest will be Tim Ravndal, candidate for Broadwater County MT Commissioner. Find out why he's running and what he hopes to change once elected. It just might ring a bell of familiarity with your own county neck of the... more

Article 8, Right of participation and Article 9, Right to know are in the Montana Constitution . Probably something similar in your State constitution. Easy enough to read and... more

Join me and my guest, Mathew Monforton, as we talk about his run for office. Matthew G. Monforton, a local attorney and former prosecutor, is a candidate for House District 69, the northern portion of Gallatin... more

Sorry guys don't mean to upset your listening schedule, but TVFMontana will not be live this Thursday night. Yeah, I know I'm serving up reheated soft boiled eggs. But not really! In view of the current scandal with the MT US senate candidate... more

How close are we to civil unrest? Closer than you could ever imagine. Open mic night. However, I do have a lot to report. From family's being destroyed by CPS to out of control "law agents." Are you ready for the 2nd American Revolution or... more

Open phones nite. Your chance to pick a topic, open your mouth and open our minds. You do the talking...easiest way to shut D!ck and me up. LOL 'Nough said

Liberty Or Laws? Join my guest Gary Hunt as we have an interactive discussion on where we are headed and what we can do to stop it. We will be discussing some fundamental rights, especially with regard to the current border crisis.... more

Look around. Are there any roaming in your neck of the woods? We can start with the "Responsible Republicans" aka GOPers, who refuse to call for impeachment. Any reason to say impeachment of whom? Then we'll bring the... more

We The People. Who are we & will we act? Come join me and my guest Gary Hunt , as he helps guide us through things that aren't taught in public schools. "We were, for nearly a century, a nation, in the true context of that word.... more

Bill Scheidler, our featured guest, will be making his second TVFMontana appearance to discuss his fight to expose and dispose government corruption within the judicial branch. You know the, the branch of government that... more