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Sharing events that take place on the local Government level, in what was the last good place to live.

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The Apartheid Lie....Blueprint for Destroying America. Join me and my guest Brendi Richards, resident of South Africa and lead Admin of The Truth About South Africa Listen to her overwhelming and horrible evidence of government mass murder and corruption. Brendi is a survivor and fighter for justice. Its inspiring, sickening, and motivational enough to get you off your asses and be part of the solution here in America so we can stop funding the slaughter in South Africa. Regardless of your race, this is about saving humanity and reigning in a corrupt and out of control American government so we can stop funding the terrorist. We have a butt ton of problems over here, so why should we be concerned about white genocide in South Africa? 2 major reasons..... 1: The United States government via your tax money is funding that government's actions 2: It is the blueprint for the racial decent in America, which as I have said many times before will lead to a racial war here in America. It is time to stop funding terrorist around the world....and it starts in Washington DC. Wolf Contact Wolf 1 406-570-5202
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Remember when they were free and open? Now it seems that the more money a candidate has the more votes he/she can buy. But something else is quietly happening here in Montana and if you really look hard, you may see it in your... more

For this episode, a Montana Republic listener will be my guest in our discussion of Libertarianism. Is it the answer? What do you think? "Many individuals within the alternative media perform a valuable service by acting as government... more

Taking Back America. So What's The Answer? Here's a few suggestions that have been kicked around lately : 1) Constitution Convention aka Conference of States 2) Common Law Grand Juries 3) Committees of Safety 4) Constitution... more

Habeas Corpus Is it the Guardian of Liberty? What does it tell us about what the government should be? Join me and my guest Gary Hunt, Outpost For Freedom, on our defense of Liberty. Folks we need to be active but we also need to... more

Another Thursday nite of open phones. Tell us what can of worms you've been kicking around. How your local elections turned out, what you think of the others. We may also have a surprise future celeb guest come on so you'll just have to... more

Suppose They Gave a Revolution? Well not that we laid the background, lets lay some foundations and dispel some misinformation. Join us for a lively conversation. The future of our Constitutional republic is at stake and we need... more

(Note: from TVFMontana: Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea culpa. My fault Tuesday show had to be cut short. So let's do it again...with no interuptions. Apologies to Wolf and all his listeners.) Deception, Power Play or Stupidity. There have been... more

Deception, Power Play or Stupidity. There have been some rather disturbing events at the Bundy Ranch. They will be discussed on this evening's show. Join us for a controversial evening on the events at the Bundy Ranch with my... more

TVFM decided that the Declaration of Independence should be updated for the 21st Century. Let's see if we can revise and tailor it to fit today's US world. We'll talk about if the original intent of Constitution is still in line with preventing... more

Here we go folks, sadly I have not had a confirmation from a guest so this show will be more action planning and how we can be active in the community as far as being part of the elections offices, (yes I know we have corrupt elections... more