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Sharing events that take place on the local Government level, in what was the last good place to live.

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As promised, TVFM will have a continuence of last week's show regarding the CSKT water rights compact. Dr Kate and Terry B, our guest hosts, will answer the questions and comments that we couldn't get to last week as well as giving new updates. If you missed last weeks episode, please check the pod cast here 'Nuff said. Just tune in for the "rest of the truth". For more facts see Western Montana Water Rights Do your homework then call 1 646 564 9915 with comments and questions. Previous TVFM CSKT episodes: Where Will All Our Water Go.... 07/26/12 CSKT Water Rights Draft Update 12/21/12 Got Water Update 4/14/13 The Dismantling of The U.S. A 11/13/14 Another reminder, if you won't have access to the internet Saturday nite, you can listen to the show over your phone by dialing 1 406 646 564-9915 To comment or ask questions, press 1 and you'll be on the air. Please be patient, there may be others waiting.
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Got in late from what else....a meeting in Missoula. Another phony Confederated Salish & Kooteni water compact negotiation. Phony you ask? Well do ask, as this episode is open topic. We can talk about "Blue Gold"(the West's water) that the... more

The Apartheid Lie....Blueprint for Destroying America. Join me and my guest Brendi Richards, resident of South Africa and lead Admin of The Truth About South Africa Listen to her overwhelming and horrible evidence of government... more

This next episode of TVFMontana will have two of our regular listeners and guests, Kandi and John Jenkins. To refresh your memory both have filed law suits in MT regarding the MERS and Bank mortgage debacle and fraud. August... more

Who is Gary Hunt? A plant within us?... An agent provocateur, feeding us false information? Questions worth exploring. Many times in the past history of Patriot movements there have been spies, agent provocateurs, and/or government... more

TVFMontana gets between 200 to 400 emails weekly. Not due to our popularity but due to the number of news groups and government entities and agencies we subscribe to. We are firm believers in keeping our friends close, but our... more

August 19 2014 was the second reading and adoption of the resolution for the Granite Hospital Hospital District Mill Levy request. It was postponed from Aug 12 due to a number of unanswered questions and public submittal of additional... more

This weeks show was scheduled for "Who is Gary Hunt". Logistics and work have slowed me down greatly. So I will move next weeks show up to this week. Just who are you married to? I have court rulings that will blow your mind. It will also... more

This will be our first attempt at playing unedited audio recordings of so called "public" meetings held in Granite County MT. TVFM will try to get the meetings broadcast here for the benefit of those of us who couldn't attend. We start with... more

For this episode The Montana Republic will join The View from Montana and bring you The Militia, It's History, It's Presence and It's Future. Take it away Wolf. I rounded up a few of the usual suspects, and we will be on the show talking... more

My guest will be Tim Ravndal, candidate for Broadwater County MT Commissioner. Find out why he's running and what he hopes to change once elected. It just might ring a bell of familiarity with your own county neck of the... more