The View from Montana

The View from Montana


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Sharing events that take place on the local Government level, in what was the last good place to live.

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Join me as I talk with Gary Hunt founder of Outpost of Freedom. Information and knowledge are the keys to understanding and taking back lawful control of our Constitutional Republic. Gary Hunt was a Professional Land Surveyor. Having... more

So what makes you different? Do you question authority? Do you challenge your so called public servants? Have you done more than just whine, dined and been entertained? Have you become angry enough to be angry enough to do... more

Growing Action Throughout America Overpass for America America is taking to the bridges! Folks I told you we were not alone. Now it the time to invite all your friends to listen and... more

Well another Thursday night and I think another Open Phones/ Open Topics nite, after we hear from TVFM's own in house Judge. D!CK, as he's affectionately addressed in the chat room, will give his ideas regarding Civil Disobedience and... more

We Are Not Alone! "We The People" is an individually inclusive statement. Patriots across this nation are coming together. We are still working the kinks out folks because there is SO MUCH to take in. Come join me and my guests from... more

TVFM is honored to interview our first Montana 2014 candidate for the office that really would make a difference to our liberty and freedom. W. David Herbert has filed for the Montana Supreme Court, District 1. Walter David Herbert... more

Welcome folks to part two of Taking Back America. My guest is Colonel H.G. Riley US Army Ret. He will be speaking about OAS, Operation American Spring, and its goals and aspirations. Now is the time for you to make your voice heard... more

The race has begun...there's more than one and time is running out. March 10th was the deadline to file for candidacy. Did you file? Know of someone who did and who we should know about? And what have you to say about the so called... more

My guests tonight are representatives from Operation ?American Spring? set for May 16, 2014: Target Washington, D.C. Chris Blystone, Texas State Team... more

We need a compass to see where we're going and to keep us on track as to where we want to go. So... where is that? And then... when we get there...then what? What tools or weapons will we have to utilize? What plan? Join us.... more