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Sharing events that take place on the local Government level, in what was the last good place to live.

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Will You be Prepared When the "War" Starts? Folks I am a guest on several blog talk radio shows, but I am still here, still kicking and still pissing people off. However, the real question is are you prepared for what is about to happen. Physically, mentally and emotionally. That will be the subject of the show. In the second half I have a guest joining me bringing you some basics that will help you survive. I'm not selling a damn thing, nor will I tell you where to spend your money. I just want you to know there is more out there that needs to be done. Also, I will be touching on the subject of coming physically together. War is here and the battles are about to begin.....are you ready? Wolf Contact Wolf 1 406-570-5202
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We The People. Who are we & will we act? Come join me and my guest Gary Hunt , as he helps guide us through things that aren't taught in public schools. "We were, for nearly a century, a nation, in the true context of that word.... more

Bill Scheidler, our featured guest, will be making his second TVFMontana appearance to discuss his fight to expose and dispose government corruption within the judicial branch. You know the, the branch of government that... more

I have brought you a variety of guests and their stance on Freedom and Liberty. This will not stop. However, it's time to make an action plan and move forward. We talk a lot, but it takes planning and understanding. Now its time to put up or... more

This Friday, most of us will be celebrating our independence and freedom. Not many remember that the spark which started the greatest experiment in history, was the Declaration of Independence, signed January 18, 1777. Does that... more

Restoration of Constitutional Government: The Plan: The Epilogue Join me and my guest Gary Hunt, as we discuss the finishing details to the Plan for the Restoration of Constitutional Government and where we go from there. As a... more

The two anointed MT parties party time ended or more likely was temporarily completed the first and third weeks of June. So let's see what Dear Santa wishes the GOPers and Demarxcists came up with. You know, the crap they... more

Join us for my interview of Roger Roots the Libertarian candidate for the MT U.S. Senate. Roger will discuss the race, his campaign, and the "two-party" system in current American politics. He will also discuss First Amendment issues relating... more

Who's you Dream Team in 2016? Or more like Nightmare Trio +? Got a bitch you want the world to know about? Think you got a solution we can all give a thumbs up to? Or down? Let's talk about the cop of the week, hero or creep. What's... more

Restoration of Constitutional Government: The Plan Part 2 Join me as we return to discussing "The Plan for Restoration of Constitutional Government" If you missed any part of last week's show or to refresh your memory, the pod cast is... more

Another nite just to chew the fat and maybe spit out something of value. Cantor loses to a TEA party Brat. Any wins in your neigborhood? For freedom and justice? Any new ideas for solutions and action? Any plans? Suggestions for... more