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The View from Montana


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Sharing events that take place on the local Government level, in what was the last good place to live.

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Yeah I know..."Don't we get a breather from this crap? Come 2015 and it'll start all over again!" We've been hearing "Vote for me or face total annihilation! A vote for me is a vote for...." fuhgeddaboudit. You heard them all. And now all we hear... more

The Black Militia's Role in the 2nd American Revolution. That's right folks, its time to decide to stay divided or realize you can not undo the past but only alter the future. To that point.....what role did the black militia and black patriots play in... more

Did I get your attention? LOL Sorry this show notice is late in coming. Yours truly attended a "candidate forum" tonight (Oct 29) not a debate but a forum. Why? Cause in case you missed it, I'm a county commissioner candidate. No wise or... more

"Few patriots know that there have been two classes of American citizenship since the imposition of the Fourteenth Amendment; that is, United States citizens and state citizens. This is further evidenced by the fact that the several state... more

Put your feet up, pour a glass of vino, lite up and enjoy an evening with Marti. One of the feisty Ladies I've had the honor to meet through Blog Talk Radio. Marti Oakley & TS Radio Online Radio | BlogTalkRadio is just one of her many... more

Will You be Prepared When the "War" Starts? Folks I am a guest on several blog talk radio shows, but I am still here, still kicking and still pissing people off. However, the real question is are you prepared for what is about to happen.... more

So... this is one of my favorite months. The month of evil spirits, spells, horror , monsters, vampires, witches and warlocks. Yeah.. kind of like more government pox on US the people... but a lot less scary than what the government actually... more

One family's upfront and personal experience with Child Protective Services, corrupt rubber stamping judges, false prosecutions, a therapist who can twist the minds of children, miscreant social workers, and an innocent father, Kelly... more

This episode will be a continuance of the show aired Sept 30 2014. There were so many callers who didn't get in, we decided to do a part 2. So if you were one of those callers, here's your second chance. And if we have time, we... more

On Sept 25 TVFMontana gave you a look see of how government public meetings were held in Granite County Montana. This is Granite County Commission's version of conducting a "public hearing". This episode is the... more