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Sharing events that take place on the local Government level, in what was the last good place to live.

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On Sept 25 TVFMontana gave you a look see of how government public meetings were held in Granite County Montana. This is Granite County Commission's version of conducting a "public hearing". This episode is the follow up. This audio that you'll hear is indicative of how meetings are conducted when credentialed "guests" aren't present. By "credentialed" I mean State, Federal, some NGO or half ass government/lobbyist MACo. You'll hear the unedited recorded audio of the first reading of a county resolution. Believe me, this is not an example of the proper way to adopt a resolution. Then again ....maybe this is the new Kabuki government way. Listen and then you decide.
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According to the Granite County MT Commissioner Agenda, week of Sept 15, a General Discussion w/Road Formen Ron Graham & Mike Braach was scheduled at 3PM Sept 16, 2014. Here is the unedited audio of the entire meeting... more

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