The View from Montana

The View from Montana


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Sharing events that take place on the local Government level, in what was the last good place to live.

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As mentioned last week, TVFM will honor a special guest request from one of our regular listeners. That's what makes TVFM different from the other BlogTalk Radio Shows. No censoring, call screening or commercial breaks. You and your guest... more

OK so we're back. And we'll open up the discussion about our future in 2015. We'll also touch on what other well known people have to say. What TVFM has to say and more important, what YOU the people have to say. Unlike the... more

Last live TVFM show of 2014. So call and let us know who you think should be on your naughty and nice list. Me and my side kick- in- the- ass- side kick Dick are all prepared with our list. Hint: FARM so called grass root CSKT... more

Our next guest will be discussing a topic that I think we will all benefit from. Arthur Evangelista, affectionately known as Dr Art, holds a PhD, is a Vietnam-era veteran, and is a graduate of the U.S. Army Military Police Academy. Just a... more

Open phones. You have something important to say? Then say it. You just may be surprised at how many people in other necks of the globaloney woods identify with you. Not too many hours left till midnight 2015. Nuff said.

Yep enjoy the illusion. Try to look beyond the GMO turkey and all the GMO low sodium chemically enhanced trimmings. Write a list of all the stuff[ing] you're thankful for. Please omit the most obvious, good health, job, career, spouse,... more

Melissa Worthan and Kandi Matthew-Jenkins will again be TVFMontana's guests. Both will give us an update to 'A Montana Tragedy' Melissa and Kelly Worthan: A Montana Child Protection case that the father, Kelly, was sentenced to 130 years... more

Illegal immigration amnesty. What will it ultimately cost and more importantly what will it do to our Constitutional republic. This is the game changer folks. Lets talk about what we can do. I join the Sister Thunder Radio show on the same... more

Our guest this episode is Elaine Devary Willman, MPA, author of "Going To Pieces…the dismantling the United States of America", first published in 2005 and experiencing frequent reprints for its applicability today. Going... more

Citizens arrest, Committees of Safety, appointments by the Clown in Chief, Corruption in every branch of government, and our "new saviors" in the Republican congress......and then we have our DUTY. Which option do you... more