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The Urban View affords voice to topics from an urban perspective.

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Join the Urban View as we critique "Breaking the Psychological Chains of Slavery" by Dr. Na'im Akbar. We will explore the assertion that African Americans suffer psychological trauma from the inhumane treatment of slavery.... more

Which is it? Has Madoff robbed his hood or is he today's Robin Hood? They can't seem to find the money and he is not talking. The word is that he potentially could have donated the money; what do you think about the fiasco? Should his... more

Join us and experience the connection between your first crush and how you make judgements to this day. Who was your 1st Crush? Think Back!!! Certainly, in your pursuit of happiness from then to now, there was someone that created a... more

How do we uproot the cultural norm of Racism in America? Is boycotting enough? Do we need to change our lifestyle? When do we begin educating our children and ourselves? Are people willing to make the necessary changes? What... more

Racism is alive and thriving in America. Having a Black president has forced the hand of “systemic” racist undertones. What are your thoughts about the cartoon in the New York Post depicting President Obama as a monkey? Is it satire or... more

Studies show that during this economic decline, many are more desirous of being in relationship. Unfortunately, divorce is at an all time high in the church and society. Families are being torn apart at alarming rates. On this Valentine's Day,... more

We have seemingly hit a snag in the president's cabinet. It appears that many thought to be assets in turning the country around have not met the "extreme" requirements mandated. Did President Obama romanticize the office of... more

Imagine the changes Americans are faced with in light of job loss? People are losing homes, families, medical insurance, and security due to our economic situation in America. How does a person stay positive...a CA man killed his... more

Certainly you witnessed American History at its best during the 2009 Presidential Inauguration. What were your thoughts about witnessing the unconditional love and compassion that sent a surge of positive energy through the air?... more

What are your thoughts on the 2009 Inauguration?? Imagine an African American President in America...that is a bunch to consider for the majority of us. Also, the controversial segment of the Oprah show has required a response from Rev.... more
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