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The Think About It,"TALK" About It Show, is a talk show that allow you the caller to interact with the radio host live, about current events and other issues that you have on your mind. And If you have a question of a personal nature, something going on in your life, ask it!

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Fox News blasted the White House for having Rapper Common's there as a guest along with others, YET the news organization praised the rapper for his good work not long ago. So you have to ask yourself. Is the GOP looking for it's... more

THIS IS A RE-BROADCAST OF A PREVIOUS SHOW This Show is part 2 of The high cost of fuel and it's effects on us. And The capture and killing of Osama Ben Laden. This part two show had Businessman Lorenzo Wooten on and you the... more

Today's fuel price is out of this world and it IS impacting every living soul on earth. To discuss today's fuel crises and what it really mean for all of us will be a panel of businessmen of Lorenzo Wooten, Herman Maye and Minister:... more

Today our children are being bullied at an alarming rate both in the school and by way of Cyber Space. Are we there for our children, if they look can they find us or have we gotten to busy with OUR own life and job to notice? The TATAI... more

This show will be dedicated to all of my FEMALE listeners of the TATAI Show. Men you are welcome to call in too. Lady's, have you every asked your husband or boyfriend " Honey, does this dress make my butt look big" And when he... more

This Show will start off with an interview with my 9 year old son A.J. Ramsey. about a conversation his school mate had about The President of The United States and my elder daughter Christina Fechner a new mother herself. The... more

Negative people, I'm sick of them yes, you know the ones I'm talking about. The ones who NEVER! have anything good to say about anything or anyone? Keep Your mouth SHUT! Tune in, to hear what others think about them and... more

Is the United States taking on to Much with now going into conflict with Libya? and how will this effect the men and women in uniform and there families. Is President Obama playing in to congressional trick?
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