Mitt Romney-Paul Ryan and Clint Eastwood Boy What a Team!

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KSON Studio One Radio Network

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"True Thinkers" it is OPEN LINE Friday, where you the callers get to call in and state your case or ask a question on a previous show or whatever is on your mind. but tonight we will get into The Show after the show at the RNC Convention.

So let me see if i have this right. Willard Mitt Romney for President, Paul Ryan as Vice-President good ..but where does Clint Eastwood fit in? Our guest tonight will be Mr. Robert Beard.

and in our third hour,

 "The Mid-Night Magic Music Hour" An hour of un-interrupted smooth and soothing soft love songs, music for the loved one in your life.

Our Call - In and Listening number is: 760-890-7157

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