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We cover everything from entertainment to movies to tv to things that just down right bug us. Join us every Wednesday night at 8pm central time!! During the show you can tweet at us on Twitter at @thestewradio, The chat room is always up and running during the live broadcasts, or e-mail us at, we love reading your emails during the show, and you can register as a friend to the show and join us in the live chat under your profile name, it's FREE!! If you can't listen live, podcast us on itunes. Join know you wanna.

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This week stew crew, JT and your main ingredients will be building their own rock super groups!! Tune in and compare notes. We will also have WTF News, The Celebity Death List, Hottie of the Week, and much much more!!

Good morrow Stew Crew!! Has Chuck come down from being SOOOoooo embarrassed bythe elaborate Aprl fools prank from JT and Jose? Well, this week JT and your main ingredients will be discussing how they would improve on... more

Happy opening day Stew Crew!! That's right, it's the opening day of baseball season...and more importantly it's Easter Sunday!! However, JT and your Main Ingredients do not take days off, they are here bringing you the funny just like... more

Happy weekend Stew Crew!! On this glorious spring sunday, JT and your main ingredients will be discussing what 5 people from history, alive or dead, they would love to sit down and have dinner with...all at the same time! We'll have... more

This week Stew Crew JT and yor main ingredients will be discussng movies they would of LOVED to have starred in, given the chance! There will also be some Celebrity Death List, some WTF News, a little Nascar Pick'em, maybe a little... more

2nd hour

March Madness is upon us Stew Crew!To celebrate in the finest stew fashion, we will be discussing another BUS SHOW!! We take our 5 least favorite celebrties, put them in a bus, weld the door shut, push it off a cliff, and watch them die a... more

THAT'S RIGHT STEW CREW!!! We've been doing this for 1 full year!!! We're going to talk about old shows, going to talk a litle about the future, and...OF COURSE...we'll have your usual train wrecks! Join us this sunday, 8pm CST

Tonight Stew Crew is a very special night in the Stewniverse......we will be taling to a man who needs no introduction. Th one and only BUZZ BURBANK!!! You knowhim from The Mike O'Meara Show, The Don and Mike Show! Tonight he... more

This week Stew Crew JT and your main ingredients will be discussing the celebrities they're attracted to...but don't know why. Celebrities who are maye just a litle out of their preverbial wheel houses. Also, we'll see if Rhodey... more