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Excellence in Conservative Media I am broadcasting live at http://www.ustream.tv/channel/excellence-in-conservative-media "The Situation Report" w/ Dr. C. Robert Jones, is an unapologetic, tell-it-like-it-is conservative perspective of the INSANE world of American politics. No punches are pulled, no party lines are toed; just pure, unadulterated hardcore conservative opinion-based news. Clarence Robert Jones a successful and professionally trained Historian and researcher. He is a retired Military officer and holds a Ph.D in History from The College of William and Mary.

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The Dr C Robert Jones Situation Report Try my Apologetics & Polemics! Pair it with My Succulent Eloquence, its rich undertones of Snark, Sarcasm & just a hint of provocateur is sure to tantalize! Weeknights Monday Through Thursday 8 to 9 pm Do you smell what the Doctor is Cooking?
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TONIGHT ON THE DR C ROBERT JONES SITUATION REPORT Six years after offering hope and change, polls show the American public has fallen out of love with their president — so where did it all go wrong? Barack... more

TONIGHT ON THE DR C ROBERT JONES SITUATION REPORT As it's grown in influence and power, the Tea Party movement is increasingly being attacked by fearful liberals looking for ways to paint it as racist. One of their favorite lines of... more

TONIGHT, It was the most Republican of times, it was the most Democratic of times. That's the U.S. right now, a nation heading in two diametrically opposed directions. Where you live in the country has always influenced how you live.... more

TONIGHT on the Dr C Robert Jones Situation Report I never imagined that we would reach a point in this country where facts would be ignored on a national level. We seem to have reached it with the Michael Brown case. As I... more

Tonight, On the Dr C Robert Jones Situation Report Are you one, Do you Konw One...Or two? With the classic narcissist, language is used cruelly and ruthlessly to ensnare one's enemies, to sow confusion and panic, to move others... more

TONIGHT, On the Dr C Robert Jones Sitiatuion Report THE CONVERSATION The liberal ladies at Thanksgiving dinner were muttering about a new ?conversation? about race. Bless them; their 30 million liberal hearts beat as... more

TONIGHT, ON THE DR C ROBERT JONES SITUATION REPORT Full circle: Wright, Farrakhan, and Obama Despite all we did not know about Barack Obama back in 2008 when he first ran for president, we knew enough to realize... more

HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!!!! Of all the things Americans traditionally associate with Thanksgiving — turkey, family, football — politics doesn't rate high on the list. But the national holiday and the political world have... more

Why governing is so hard and Obama makes it harder. President Barack Obama has a different approach to governing. First, avoid it, if at all possible. That way he can't be proven wrong. Second, skip 60% of the intel briefings from his staff, so... more
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