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The Sensuous Mystic Sex Spirit

The Sensuous Mystic ~ Sex and Spirit


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Join Rev. Goddess Charmaine in uniting sex & spirit with rituals meditation and sexual openness to expand and ritualize our lives! Goddess Blessings

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Women come together with Rev. Goddess Charmaine to discuss the damage done by the historical portrayal of women's sexuallity as dangerous. Such as the legend of the succubus! We'll explore this and others like, Lilith, the sacred... more

I Am the first and the last. I Am the honored one and the scorned one. I Am the whore and the holy one. I Am the wife and the virgin. I Am she whose wedding is great. I Am a universal lover of life. I Am (the mother) and the daughter. I Am... more

The discovery of truth through YOU! Join the show tonight and become even more enlightend with Rev. Goddess Charmaine's interpretation of truth through you. We must really get into the knowledge of our sexual self, and release... more

Join the show and Intend to Be ONE with Rev. Goddess, The Earth Being and your Holy Body. I'll guide you through an alighnment visualization, so that you get that extra boost of connection within yourself and all Life. Its very important... more

Join the show tonight and journey through the realm of Sex & Spirit and grow full in your wisdom. Rev. Goddess will answer your most important and initmate questions regarding your sexual concerns, spiritual healing and sex magic! Rev.... more

Carole Smith-Rea (aka Goddess Hu) is a Spiritual Life Coach whose main focus is teaching others Self- Mastery. By using Self-Mastery techniques and other psycho-spiritual tools for healing such as the Tarot, Astrology and mantras, she... more

I'm sure you are all aware of the outpouring of women coming forward and reporting sexual assaults, that's been happening recently. In this show, Rev. Goddess will be joined by a group of women for an indepth discussion on this... more

Why do the concepts of good and evil even exist? What purpose to they serve for our spiritual growth? Almost every spiritual school of thought, no matter how they present, of the concepts of duality and non-duality. Yin-Yang - Unity. We're often... more

Join part 3, of The Devil Within, with Rev. Goddess and continue the Dive into Shadow Wisdom. "The Devil is the other aspect of God, which must exist in the shadows so that God can continue to bask in the light." ~ Akron We all must... more

Join part 2 of THe Devil Within, with Rev. Goddess and get into Shadow Wisdom. "The Devil is the other aspect of God, which must exist in the shadows so that God can continue to bask in the light." ~ Akron So many people just force... more