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The Sensuous Mystic Sex Spirit

The Sensuous Mystic ~ Sex and Spirit


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Join Rev. Goddess Charmaine in uniting sex & spirit with rituals meditation and sexual openness to expand and ritualize our lives! Goddess Blessings

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Join Rev. Goddess and dive into how false we can be and how weak it is! A conversation about how we talk about how we gonna do this and how he better do that and then in the next moment you just lift up that skirt and pull out that penis and give it away without any strenth in your character! Join Rev. Goddess and learn the false curse (I need a man) and weak dick dope (I gotta cum) that we all feed on and it's time to break away from the lie! The power and hope for us all is in our relationship to our wet and hard cock merged (Spiritual Love) with our hearts in all our decisions and actions. Join the show and learn, grow and rise!
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Limitless Living is what I feel when Laurie Handlers tells me about the things that are happening in her life! Limitless Living is what the path is for becoming Ageless and Sexually alive as we get older! The concept of Older becomes even more... more

Maisha Hudson, I just watched your video about black on black crime victimization and slavery! I especially appreciate your call to drop the drama and let's rise! Would you be open and willing to go deeper into this convo on my BlogTalk... more

Parasites ~ plural noun an organism that lives in or on another organism (its host) and benefits by deriving nutrients at the host's expense. derogatory a person who habitually relies on or exploits others and gives nothing in return.... more

Sensual Summer Solstice Blessings to Us ALL! Join Rev. Goddess for a pure pleasurable Erotic Summer Solstice Ritual to Awaken and Expand your Five Senses and Rise to Higher Levels of Love and Manifestation! Through an Erotic... more

"Nice ass, but how are you honoring your body while letting causasion males bust nuts on something they know nothing about....btw a BLackMans heaven is NOT between a BlackWoman's thighs, but rather between her ears" "Your Power was... more

Live Free in your Holy Body! Our habits, thoughts and memories do not have to have negative consequences on us! Join Rev. Goddess and learn how to release yourself from this cellular vibrational corruption in your soul! Your Body is Your... more

Your Erotic energy is a pathway to other levels of BEingness that can transform your life for the better! Join Rev. Goddess and explor the power of your Sexualtiy and how this portol through your yoni lingam consciousness can push you... more

Goddess Initiation is a very profound and meaningful choice for each person that goes there! Join the show! Meaning Of Initiation: An initiation is a symbolic death and rebirth, a rite of passage that transforms each person who experiences it.... more

LOVE! Learn the true Energy Of Love! Learn the ture Acts of Love! Learn the true Sex of Love! Learn to Be ONE With LOVE! Join Rev. Goddess for an Energetic Emotional Erotic and Spiritual Journey into the Frequency of Love! The magical... more

Join Rev. Goddess with this really interesting Topic and Person! Anthony James Canelo, Author of over 15 books, he is an Herbalist and lover of feeling good and being healthy, Mostly after Sex! LOL.....He will share his lifestyle in sex spirit and... more