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The Sedona Connection

The Sedona Connection with Dave Schmidt


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Sedona…….It’s All About the ‘Energy.’ This Program reflects that 'energy of life.' Sedona, AZ is a wonderful place, or should we say a unique place. It is considered one of the most beautiful places in America, let alone the world. A community of a little more than 20,000 residents, it attracts over 4 million visitors per year. But, most of them do not come for the physical beauty, they come for what they call “the energy.”

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These 3 ladeis are professinal reiki workers. They are all very good and very passionate in their skill and craft. I have had personal experiences with all three. We discuss the importnace of clearning all the energetic blocks in our lives... more

On Monday a historical event took place. For the first time, the Chair of the Federal Reserve held a meeting with both the President and Vice President in the oval office. But, they were not the only ones present. A representtive of the... more

How does all this gold of the Dragon Family tie in with Michael Lee Hill and his association with the Native American Mound Builders? We will discuss how all the dots are connected to the Dragon Family, the gold, the Mound Builders... more

Each of us chooses to perceive our world from the views and projections we hold inside. We all think there are things that need to be done to improve or fix this world. But, how do we really create and effect change? When we choose to... more

In the last few seeks there has been a number of new posts on the internet regarding new developemnts on world finances and the RV/GCR. Dave will have two of his friends, Karen Mahoney and Pam Worthy as guests as well as his... more

I was able to meet with Rob produce a pre-record a progarm while I was in Maui. Rob is a long time UFO contactee and has extensive experience in the field. Enjoy this pre-recorded program

This week Dave has three local guests as they discuss the special significance of Hawaii and and the changes coming our way.

Michael Lee Hill's experience is very unique. He is a rare individual who has a story to tell about his background, family blood line and what it means for us in the new and unfolding history of the human race on this planet hearth.

My apologies for the sound quality this week. I was using a new laptop computer and did not know I had to change the microphone settings. It will be corrected for next week. This week Dave and Blanca will disucss the topics mentioned in the... more

In last week's program, Dave was interviewed by Dr. Sasha and Janet Lessin. It is being considerd one of Dave's best program ever. This Dave and Blanca will take questions and discuss the program.