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The Sedona Connection

The Sedona Connection with Dave Schmidt


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Sedona…….It’s All About the ‘Energy.’ This Program reflects that 'energy of life.' Sedona, AZ is a wonderful place, or should we say a unique place. It is considered one of the most beautiful places in America, let alone the world. A community of a little more than 20,000 residents, it attracts over 4 million visitors per year. But, most of them do not come for the physical beauty, they come for what they call “the energy.”

On-Demand Episodes

Dave will discuss the currency exchange, the funding sources and how we can deal with the opposition to the funds being released.

What is the real purpose of these funds being released. It has to do with a shift in our world and a shift in the collective consciousness of humanity. Dave discusses these themes on this week's progra,

We live in a world where separation consciusness is the root of all of our problems, disagreemtns and conflicts. When understand it, we can overcome it and have a very postivie impact and change nour world.

The very root of all of our problems is called seperation consciousness, also called duality consciousness. It is a thought sytsem that has been programed into our lives and creates all of our culteral issues and problems as a human race.... more

Dave started this process 4 years ago. This week he gives a summary and review of where we have come with this currency exchange process.

Dave will have a short update and have a live Q&A session.

We live in a world where things are shifting. The controllers are shifiting their paradigms of power and control. We in return are being ale to shift our responses. This week is part 3 to how we respond the controlling aspects placed on... more

The controllers of the shadow world are shifting the paradigms of power and control. This week Dave will talk about how we deal with this chagne and get beyond their power and control of us as individuals.

Controlers of our global economics and finances are quietly shifting the paradigms of power and control. Dave discusses those issues on this week's program.

There has been new intel rearding the dinar and other currencies. Dave will give an update to what he and his sources see developing.