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Sedona, AZ is a unique place filled with magic, spirituality and natural beauty found nowhere else. On each program Dave Schmidt discusses these themes.

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Each week Dave discusses the latest issues regarding the RV/GCR. Each radio program corresponds with his weekly newsleter found on his webiste;
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On-Demand Episodes

This week on the radio program and in the weekly video newsletter Dave discusses how we can collectively participate in changing our world. The human mind is extremely powerful in the world experiences we create. Dave discusses... more

Last week Dave interviewed the Ambassador fromthe Dragon Family. This week Dave will continue a general discussion regarding their vision for the release of the RV/GCR

The original program was filled with disruptions, blank air time and transmission interference. I was notified the day after there were attempts to disrupt this program from outside influences that did not want this program aired. I have... more

Last week I taked about expecting the unexpected, this RV/GCR may not unfold as we thought. This week I'll be discussing the vision of the Dragon Family, the trustees of the funds paying for our RV/GCR. They have a vison of freeing... more

Opinions of how the RV/GCR will unfold are all over the map. This week Dave discusses how it will likely be much different than what most expect. Practical procedures of how money is released, who is paying for the RV, and the reality... more

This week Dave will host callers questions on the upcoming currency exchanges

Dave's scheduled guest, PIF, was not able to make the program due to a family comes first. So in this program Dave gives a history and primer of he RV/GCR. Callers and emails have said this is the best explnation... more

This week PIF will be Dave's guest and they will discuss the preliminary issues of how the private exchanges work. They will also discuss the role of the Paymaster and how using him correctly can save you 20% in taxes, saving you milllions.

This week Dave discusses some key points on how to make $18,000,000 from the RV/GCR and then a way to have massive tax savings through the best exemption in the world for U.S.Citizens. Dave will also have James Mendez, a... more

I have always been a proponent of understanding the power of our thoughts. Our thoughts create our reality and whatever we focus on grows. Science through quantum physics has proven this process, it's not just wishful thinking.... more