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Sedona, AZ is a unique place filled with magic, spirituality and natural beauty found nowhere else. On each program Dave Schmidt discusses these themes.

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In the Orlando, Fl workshop the Ambassador described some of the developments coming our way. We will discuss these isssues and also one of the Dragon Family's goals to help humanity wake up to what is really taking place in this... more

Last week I posted a picture that was similiar to what the Ambassador showed us at the Tustin workshop. This week, other members of the Dragon Family, who are the trustees of the gold in the picture I posted contacted me. They... more

At the Tustin, CA workshop we had a one hour Q&A with the Ambassador and he showed us pictures of trillions of dollars of gold and currencies he and the Family have in their possession. Myself and other workshop attendees will discuss their... more

Albert Einstien said the world we live in is just an illusion. It's been mentioned by many sources that the Cabal are masters at creating illusions. They create world events that are illusions for us to belive while there is a completely different... more

The Ambassador of the Dragon Family is Dave's guest on this week's radio program. They will discuss upcoming changes to the RV/GCR and the world financial picture. Click here for the corresponding newsletter/video.... more

On last week's radio program I had misperceived a statement I had received from the Ambassador. This week I will explian what happened and give a reassessement of how I see things developing in this global economic situation.... more

Knowledge is powerful. With the right knowledge we can change our lives and change our world. Most fear is based in ignorance or an unwillingness to shift our beliefs. This week I discuss the importance of gaining knowledge and educating... more

This week on the radio program and in the weekly video newsletter Dave discusses how we can collectively participate in changing our world. The human mind is extremely powerful in the world experiences we create. Dave discusses... more

Last week Dave interviewed the Ambassador fromthe Dragon Family. This week Dave will continue a general discussion regarding their vision for the release of the RV/GCR

The original program was filled with disruptions, blank air time and transmission interference. I was notified the day after there were attempts to disrupt this program from outside influences that did not want this program aired. I have... more