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The Sedona Connection

The Sedona Connection with Dave Schmidt


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Sedona…….It’s All About the ‘Energy.’ This Program reflects that 'energy of life.' Sedona, AZ is a wonderful place, or should we say a unique place. It is considered one of the most beautiful places in America, let alone the world. A community of a little more than 20,000 residents, it attracts over 4 million visitors per year. But, most of them do not come for the physical beauty, they come for what they call “the energy.”

On-Demand Episodes

Michael Lee Hill's experience is very unique. He is a rare individual who has a story to tell about his background, family blood line and what it means for us in the new and unfolding history of the human race on this planet hearth.

My apologies for the sound quality this week. I was using a new laptop computer and did not know I had to change the microphone settings. It will be corrected for next week. This week Dave and Blanca will disucss the topics mentioned in the... more

In last week's program, Dave was interviewed by Dr. Sasha and Janet Lessin. It is being considerd one of Dave's best program ever. This Dave and Blanca will take questions and discuss the program.

This time Dave is the guest with Dr. Sasha and Janet Lessin on their radio program. This episode was pre-recorded on Jan. 17th. Dave covers the history of The Dragon Family, the world's gold, politics and how it all relates to... more

For years I have asked the question, who is going to pay for this RV/GCR. When you follow the money it all traces back to the the Dragon Family and the ones who put them in control, the Annunaki, the ancient alien race. Dr. Sahsa Lessin is... more

Dr. Lessin is known as the foremeost expert on the history of the Annunaki, the ancient alien race that dominates our world's history. We talk about their role, the gold they came to earth to mine, and how it fits into their relationship with the... more

In this program Dave and Rob discuss the history of the currency exchange and the role and history of the Dragon Family.

Dave is on vacation in Maui so Blanca will host the program this week. Here guests are David Mackenzie and Susan Perkins a medical intuitive team.

All of us have a foundational belief system, wether we are aware of it or not. What is yours, why do yo belive what you belive and what is the guide you use for such a system. Dave shares his in this week's program.

We will soon be facing a complete shift to the global financial conditions. This week I tallk about the history of the gold to backing these changes. Where this gld comes from and who is in charge of its dispersal.