The Sedona Connection with Dave Schmidt

The Sedona Connection with Dave Schmidt

The Sedona Connection

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Sedona, AZ is a unique place filled with magic, spirituality and natural beauty found nowhere else. On each program Dave Schmidt discusses these themes.

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Eeach week Dave discusses updates and developments with the upcoming global currency reset.
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Dave talks about his recent road trip, what's developing and how we should prepare for the future. He then opens the program for questions and comments from listeners.

This week Dave discusses his road trip to the Salt Lake City area, why he's there, who he met with and what is transpiring. He'll also update last week's events as to why the radio program was taken off the air.

Exogen is Dave's Guest this week.

In the last week I described the process of the bonds being released to pay for the RV. I'll discuss a new video released this week of the history behind those bonds and the gold kept throughout Asia. President Seokarno of Indonesia was... more

The RV is underway. The key word is underway! We'll discuss the new news and events in the last week as well as understanding what is developing right now!

Tonight Dave will discuss the how the tension in Ukraine is effecting the global currency reset

The past week had a lot of interesting news development. Many of the blog writers were reporting the RV work is done and the release of the 800#'s are just around the corner. We'll discuss these events, recap the program with Jester... more

There are a number of different blog reporters around the global currency issue. Jester in my opinon is one of the better one's. For over three yeas he has been doing investigative work and has established over 200 intel contacts from around... more

There has been about a 40% increase in new listeners in the last month so Dave gives a overview recap, update of new intel and discusses his recent phone conversation with Jester. He'll also talk about some potential problems for those... more

As the RV has entered a quiet phase this is a god time in preparing not only for wealth,but transitioning to abundace. Dave describes the difference between wealth and abundace and how we can make the transition to enter into "the... more