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It is with GREAT PLEASURE that The SBraxton Show has returned!!!! After sorting out some personal issues it was important that I listened to what others had to say and I am humbly grateful to know that the show was missed terribly. For all of you that stood by me through the storm I say "THANK YOU". Your dedication inspired me to BRING it BACK....So HERE I am...With a GREAT TEAM working with me I am READY for what lies ahead....Great TOPICS....MY REAL DEAL ADVICE....HOT TOPICS going on around us....oh and some MUSIC as well.... This show has evolved and continues to bring hot and informative topics to our listeners such as Health and Nutrition, Legalizing Gay Marriage, Sexual Abuse,Education in America and much more...... I look forward to speaking with you on the air and thank you for your continued support!!!!

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The signs and symptoms of your 'nervous breakdown' are signs that you have reached your limit, not that you're going crazy! You're just at breaking point - completely 'stressed out' and at the 'end of your rope'.

Too often we allow ourselves to be Discouraged; Disheartened and Distracted by things around us. So many of people walk around in a state of depression, confused about where their lives are headed, and NOT focused on what is... more

In today's society there are some things that women STILL do not understand about men, as well as things that men do not understand about women.....So Let's set the record straight!!!! Why do Men Cheat????? Why do Women... more

Too often in relatioshps there are double standards....women can no do what men can do....why is that???? What is accetabe for men and not women in relationships???? How do pour requirements for a relationship differ????? Get... more

There is some truth to the old saying, ?There are only two things you can count on in life: death and taxes.? Everyone experiences death. Death and dying are an inevitable part of human life. How do we heal from Loss? Is there Life afer... more

Are you living a Healthy Lifestyle???? Do you eat 3 or 6 meals a day? How is your cholesterol??? Are you eating gluten free; organic or perhaps you are a vegan......These are some of the questions that are wrapped around making... more

We have all heard the controversy with Proposition 8 and the Defense of Marriage ACT (DOMA). This Wednesday let's openly discuss one's feelings; thoughts and opinions about Gay Marriage. Should the government be allowed... more

Yes Part II of "Top Relationship Kllers" because everyone had so much more to say!!!! Social Media....Cheating...Drugs....what are deal breakers for you????/

Everyone is looking for LOVe, and in some cases people are trying to fugure out WHY they have LOSt LOVE...2Nite we will explore the Top reasons that relationships DO NOT WORK!!!!

Sooooooo after last week's show I received so much feedback from listeners.....and while I always say "why didn't you call in", I realize sometimes it's hard although many have lots to say on the topic! We will re-visit the topic this... more