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Welcome to The Revolution Of Health™! Our show covers a variety of health and fitness-related issues and highlights amazing guests who passionately influence the health industry and encourage others to live life to the fullest...and fittest!

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We have as a society come to associate the word "Diet" with a wide variety of things. Many different approaches to eating are called diets and many are looked at with a certain stigma. Join hosts Jordan Grahm & Dr. Ray as we dive in... more

Sometimes work, family and fun all take precedence in what we do. We tend to hardly ever think about our health until it's too late. Join Dr. Ray & Jordan Grahm as they go over the concepts that have created health transparencies.... more

Ever feel like your workouts are a drag and you just can't seem to get them right? Have you been doing the same workout forever but are achieving the same results with the same maximum effort daily? Tune in today with Jordan Grahm... more

Mike O'Hearn is an icon in the fitness industry. He has been featured in every fitness magazine globally, won countless titles, & has maintained enormous levels of strength longer than any fitness athlete in history. He was a Gladiator... more

An impassioned healer, Carmen Wylie's goal is to help people empower and train their bodies and minds through the non-invasive process of neurofeedback, thereby strengthening families and communities - promoting a healthy society... more

Back pain is a problem that plagues many people around the globe. Join hosts Jordan Grahm and Dr. Ray as we take an in-depth look at back pain. We will discuss causes, physiology, treatments, solutions, and exercises that can help.... more

Jenna Phillips is a celebrity trainer, lifestyle coach, health & fitness expert and is the founder of the "I'm On A Mission" brand. In February of 2000 Jenna suffered a traumatic fall which left her in a coma, when she was in the ICU it was... more

Karen Williams is an avid fitness enthusiast from Spokane Washington who struggled with her weight since the age of 9. Her highest weight was around 238 pounds & currently she is 160.9 pounds. Her journey started on July 31, 2011... more

A Father's Day Special! My father Joseph DiBartolomeo born in New York has been in practice as an Otolaryngologist for the past 45 years in Santa Barbara. Before his practice, he attended Saint John's University as an undergraduate... more

Skylar Nelson RD is the founder of S3 health design, a nutrition consulting practice based in Los Angeles & San Diego, California & is the dietitian at The Biggest Loser Resort in Malibu. He provides individualized nutrition counseling... more