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The Reflection Pool

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Finally, the lamestream media might be coming down from their post-election kool-aid high. Story at 5! KO, we hardly knew ya...queue up the Backstreet Boys...bye bye Keith!!! Just go back to ESPN where you always belonged...you wanna know why? Because on a cost-per-viewer basis, you suck...BAD!!! As listeners will remember, I told them that the hiring of the almost as sucky Lawrence O'Donnell as an evening host meant that someone at MSNBC (the place for failed politics) would be on the way out soon...Note to MSNBC: fire your whole stable of horrible partisan propagandists---that is the worst newtork team ever assembled. As Barack Hussein Soetoro is to illegal presidents, the present lineup of MSNBC is to professional journalism. If 2011 is truly the year that the government listened to its people, I can't wait for Republicans to get started. If Soetoro and friends didn't listen, Republicans are correct to have a goal to do what is necessary to eliminate these people in 2012! Football prediction for college football this weekend: Washington 7, Oregon 77. Much, much more...