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The Reflection Pool

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An End of September Riddle: Someone Called Barney Frank iconic at the end of a story today...I don't get it! Story at 5! Now Lemme Get This Straight: 1) They leave town without deciding whether to raise our taxes during the worst economy since the Depression; 2) They will start a new fiscal year without a budget; 3) They passed the biggest Communist Provisions Bill (Government Health Bureacrat Bill of 2009) in recent times without so much as reading the bill---in fact telling us straight out that we had to pass the bill so that we could find out what was in it; 4) They invite clowns to testify in front of the government over an issue whereby the clowns aren't even talking about immigrations main point (protecting our border)...etc...and these yokels have the gall to go home and campaign for re-election???? Really? Are you serious? That cannot be true! How could we have a more useless Congress than we have right now? Answer: if Joe Biden and Barrack Hussein Soetoro were still a part of it. Ultimate Fighter Rocked! Countdown to the Communist People's March on Washington this Saturday. Much, much more...