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The Reflection Pool

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Finally! More talk of the Tea Party than of our favorite Imam! Story at 5! And, the ultra-lamestream is finally starting to realize that something really big is gonna happen in November---and, the Tea Party will play a pretty big role! Yay America!!! The world will see that the shining beacon for freedom will indeed not die!!! The so-called Dream Bill (backdoor scamnesty attached to a defense authorization bill) is among the most disgraceful political stunts the Commiecrats have engaged in in American History! For shame! They must be liquidated in November and put into the ash heap of history---liberalism has turned out to be the worst thing that ever happened to this country! Note to lamestream and Commiecrats: quit calling the extension of the Bush Tax Cuts a tax cut! It would be a continuation in present tax rates---this is not a tax cut! If you want to cut taxes (a good idea, in my opinion), cut present rates---and, properly call that a tax cut! I can't wait for Florence and the Machine to rock my world! The lead singer is such an amazing singer! Much, much more...