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The Reflection Pool

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The Worst Day Ever for such people as Elian Gonzalez, Barry Hussein Soetoro, Vlad Putin, Kim Jong Il, and any other person trained since an early age as a hard-core Communist: Your Great Leader Fidel admits the failure of his revolution...oooooops! Story at 5! Our First-Ever Treasure a Holy Book Day will feature a reading from the Koran. Here's hoping all people will pray for all religions to live in peace with each other and to respect life and the love of God above all else. Gainesville FL, that includes you! Gee, what a surprise, the Imam who goes on a State Department-sponsored Hate America Tour to the Middle East returns with scornful words for the horrible country of America---thanks for nothing Secratary Clinton. I have to believe her admission that America's debt problem is a national security issue is to deflect attention from her favorite Imam...Soetoro is clearly in it to lose it in November and beyond...we do not have room to tell you all the reasons why...Super Bowl Picks: The game I want every year---Raiders v. Cowboys. The game I predict reflects election expectations---the R's have it---Ravens v. Redskins. So much more...