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The Reflection Pool

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When a publication as worthless as the New York Times advocates for the dismantling of Fannie and Freddie, you know the end is nigh...story at 5! I know I'm relieved: Our incredible shrinking leader, the greatest illegal president in the history of planet earth, your Teleprompter-in-Thief, Barry Hussein Soetoro, stated today that the worst of the Bush Recession is behind us! Um, Barry, tell me something: which of your Economic Advisors told you to say this? Newsflash: many of these people are jumping ship on you, lil' Barry! And, besides...didn't your buddy Paul Krugman tell you: we are in the middle of an Obamapression! If you still think we got us a garden variety recession, you are sorely mistaken...Are we really gonna bomb Iran in a fit of desperation to save the Obama illegal presidency and try to rally the Commiecrat troops? Really??? Say it aint so...especially since this country hasn't fought a war like men since WWII...we'll be sure and get bullied by the likes of Achmadinejad...pathetic! Global warming finally arrives in Portland...so much more...