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The Reflection Pool

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The Government Health Bureacrat Care Bill of 2009 is suddenly back in the news...one thing hasn't changed: it still sucks! Thanks for nothing Barry Soetoro, Nazi Pelosi, and Hairy Ride! Story at 5! Wow! What do you think: Did the NAACP call the Tea Party racist as a publicity stunt to ride the coattails of the most important political movement in recent history? Hmm...I think so! Now, like the Soetoro Administration, they are about to get schooled: research what a political movement is about before you attach labels and do anything to try to destroy/discredit it! A racist organization has no business calling a political movement racist when it is the racist organization! Get with the program: change your name or find a country with truly racist problems to operate in...become the National Association for Advancement of Peoples Regardless of Color! 'Nuf Said! Any other desperate attempts by Democrats to inflame their base we need to know about? If the Soetoro/EPA Oil Spill is plugged in the coming week and Soetoro comes on national TV and reads a bunch of self-congratulatory nonsense off a teleprompter, my head will explode! So much more...