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The Reflection Pool

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The Tea Party has arrived and fringe groups such as the NAACP and New Blank Panthers are jealous! Story at 5! Um, is it just me or isn't it kind of ironic that groups like the National Association for the Advancement of COLORED People and the New Blank Panthers are calling any group racist? The charge is baseless to the point of being laughable. Unless the NAACP considers white a color---white is a color, correct NAACP? Isn't it? Why are whites not allowed membership into the NAACP for the advancement of all races...or even better: why not change you name to the National Association for the Advancement of People? As for the Blank Panthers, are you really interested in doing anything but raising future generations of street thugs? If so, really, go where you will feel very comfortable: Venezuala! And, again, I ask a simple question for a group that thinks the Tea Party is a racist organization: why are whites not welcome in the New Blank Panther Party? I think I know why: the Blank Panthers are the true racist hate mongers. The Little Book with very big ideas that could fully define and complete the ideological and moral thought behind American Patriotism: The Tea Party Manifesto! Get it and other great titles at WND.com! So much more...