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The Reflection Pool

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Somebody's Gotta Lose: Will it Be the Teleprompter-in-Thief or the American People? Some Tea Partiers (Like Me) will not give up---call your Congresspeople and tell them to kill the health bureacrat care bill of 2009! The American Bankruptcy's Drumbeat Grows Ever Louder! Just going about your life is not going to do it---you must advocate for the abolition of the entitlement state! We must end Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Prescription Drugs, and (maybe Universal Health Bureacrat Care) within a generation or we are lost forever! Congressional Candidate Doug Keller featured on the show soon! VH1's best weekend ever---Sober House's Babefest---and then there's Kari Anne...Tool Academy found the formula for drama, or was it just a good cast?...Frank the Entertainer: Trading a Booty Call for a Real Woman---Male Bimbo Move of the Century...much, much more