The Prophetic Hour

The Prophetic Hour


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A prophetic ministry that is out of the ordinary. Teaching the Mysteries of The Kingdom of God(Rev 10:7). Bible based, with ORDAINED Prophets. For communications or donations use Paypal; or 3226 Dogwood Ln, Memphis TN 38116

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Churches never discuss the importance of having balance in your life. This is very important in the kingdom of Heaven and is important to life on Earth. What is its significance and why is it so important. Tune in as we uncover what should be... more
The Prophetic Hour

The Prophetic Hour

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Host: Prophet Lin TempletonCo-Host Prophetess & Professor Rosemary Templeton Most Christians are tettering on Agnostic because they haven’t grown up. The Tribulations are testing the best of us. Ministers won’t admit were in... more

Why have so many Christians not moved beyond just Believing? God wants children that will grow up and move from infancy and become Adults. Growth is a process and not 'miraculous' instantaneous. Most Christians have gotten lax.... more

Are you being religiously challenged? Does it seem that when you resolve one problem another crop up? Join us as we discuss the tribulations you are now experiencing and prophecy of coming PERSONAL events that are just now... more

Continuation: We will explore the heart of what drive individuals to do Evil. The games that ungodly and godly people play. The subtle but mean things we do to each other on a regular basis. Driven by our negative emotions of... more

Prohecy! We will devote most of the time prophecying the coming future events that are unfolding before our eyes. These events will grip many including church goers in fear. Prophetess Rosemary Templeton and I will cover events that she... more

We will discuss the games that people play that limit their spiritual growth. Included are Church games. Many in the ministrys are egomaniacs; driven by arogance and pride. It is the first principle of falling. The source of Lucifer fall.... more

The return of Khemet(renamed by Greeks Egypt). Truth about Khemet that they don't want you to know. Why the world most famous bible scholars have studied Egypt extensively. a nation recorded as being ruled by Archangels... more

Part II discussion of what's wrong with Christians and Western Christianity. Correction of Ministers and churh leaders. Will discuss what the 4 churches in Revelation chapt 1-3 represent today. Does your church fall into one of the... more

A discussion of Revelation events that are unfolding. In this discussion we will discuss Matthew 22, along with interpretation of the Whore that sits on many waters.
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