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The Power of You We all want to achieve our Goals, but sometimes we loose the steam for doing the work. Your presenter is a marathon runner who understands what it takes to get to the finish line. Weaving practical advice with amusing and inspiring stories The Power of You to Reach Your Goals will help you transform your motivation so that you win the race and reach your goals. Success is not “bunny quick” but takes the right mind set, time and determination.

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This week Arthur will share insights to help you realize that where you are in your life right now is the best place you could be. Everything that's going on for you now has the potential to groom you for success in the future. Knowing... more

Today Arthur will share ideas on how you can become the artisan of your life. You can accomplish great things when you are aware that you have the talent to create and accomplish whatever you set your heart to. If you are not happy with... more

Today Arthur will be talking about courage and conviction and how these two qualities can enhance and prosper your life. Finding your center and knowing your core beliefs goals and expectations is crucial for your success. No matter... more

Today Arthur will share his thoughts on the ?law of applause?. He will explain how giving back attracts more of like kind in your life. This law works for praise as well as criticism. The more you give the more you get back. You will not only... more

Today Arthur will be speaking about the rewards your "you know who" hopes to collect in return for being unkind and threatening to you. These ideas are from his current book project ?When you know who" hates your guts. You will learn... more

Being a beneficial presence means that wherever you are, whatever you're doing, whoever you're communicating with you are a benefit to the situation. Orientating yourself to thinking this way empowers you to be of benefit wherever you are all... more

On today's show Arthur will be sharing his ideas from his latest book "When You Know Who Hates Your Guts". He will address skills that you can all learn and use in the face of adversity. One of those skills is kindness. While you may want... more

The beginning of a New Year seems like the perfect opportunity to investigate ways you can take control of you're thinking, your circumstances and your life by managing the way you think. Today Arthur's insights on ?besting yourself? will... more

Today Arthur will be sharing his wisdom about managing difficult people in your life. Continuing with exploring the ideas from his latest book, ?When You Know Who Hates Your Guts?, he will be talking about how you can ?Become ?you... more

Today Arthur will enlighten us about how revenge works against us and why people want to take revenge. His ideas are taken from his forthcoming book ?You Know Who Hates Your Guts?. You will better understand how your brain... more
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