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The Power of You We all want to achieve our Goals, but sometimes we loose the steam for doing the work. Your presenter is a marathon runner who understands what it takes to get to the finish line. Weaving practical advice with amusing and inspiring stories The Power of You to Reach Your Goals will help you transform your motivation so that you win the race and reach your goals. Success is not “bunny quick” but takes the right mind set, time and determination.

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Arthur's topic for today's broadcast is ?expectations breed reality?. Since expectations do turn into our reality, how can we establish expectations that can bring about different results? Arthur will share how to ask the most important... more

On today's program Arthur will be sharing his input about the benefits of being thankful. Being thankful sets you up for results beyond your imagination. You will be entertained with a true story of how being thankful changed everything.

On todays Broadcast Arthur will share ideas about your journey through life. Having just returned froman around the world trip, he is excited to talk about some ideas he gathered along the way. We know that life is a journey... more

On today's show Arthur will be sharing his ideas about how to lighten up your thinking. Our thoughts affect our life, sometimes without our complete awareness. You will understand better how to use some tips so that your thoughts will... more

On today's show Arthur will be sharing his ideas about willing Ness as opposed to willful Ness. He will discuss how you can change the course of your life by knowing what you are willing to let happen in your experiences. While... more

Arthur will direct your attention to the source of your inspiration. By paying attention to the great ideas that come your way it guarantees more will follow. Ignoring those ideas, discourages them and the knocking on the door of your... more

What do you do to take care of yourself when things get out of whack and you feel out of sync or a challenge emerges? Arthur will share some techniques that will help energize and fortify you to handle those challenges. In today's... more

On today's blog Arthur will be speaking about policy. He will be asking "what is your policy?" and "what's in your policy manual?" Policy is a course of action. Policy is a practice, custom, procedure or conduct of an individual. Policy is a... more

On today's broadcast Arthur will be sharing the value of being invested in yourself, having an attitude of gratitude and living each day with no thought of what you will receive in return. Arthur's discussion will help turn your attitude of gratitude into... more

On today's broadcast Arthur will be sharing ideas about how to live a balanced life. Each of us can have a full and dynamic life by creating the balance of work and play, giving and receiving and exercise and rest. Being clear with yourself... more
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