Why we live in a Movie

Why we live in a Movie

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Looking into the way we are controlled by a small group of script writers, directors and actors.

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It is all a lie and we are living proof and cast offs of the New Wolrd Order. If you could afford a pipe or if it was legal I would say put that in your pipe and smoke it......Live

A guide to God. Who are we and why can we not think inside the box?

4 horseman will come and this is the first sign that not one person will talk about. let us learn together shall we?

What is going down. The sight of illusions are gainging grips on the real world/ Let us talk about what you think is really going on. End times Yes or no?

Who are you and what are the origins of us all.

I am sort of back kinda tired but mostly exhusted by what this bug is going around. Have you been sick like this or do you know someone that has been very sick? I also want to talk about a news team created by people of this planet.... more

Let us see a vision of humanity without control.

From Aldofo Constanzo to Adam Laza present day. One thread exists in every case "The Satanic Worship of Self" Power is the hungry monster the grows from the ideas that have been broadcast from mirrors from the most ancient... more

Hear the fools story and wake to the "you" The real You. I will awaken you if you are sleeping. You must chat and say i am not in law a responsibe being for your outcome.

Well we have gone thorugh the JFK assaination to Ruby ridge, Waco, OKC, The world trade center bombing of 93, 9-11, desert storm, and the new terror threat US. Lets talk about how to combat this upcoming crisis because it is the final... more