Why we live in a Movie

Why we live in a Movie

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Looking into the way we are controlled by a small group of script writers, directors and actors.

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Who can see the joke of this? I know we are sick of talking about it but we need to really wrap our heads around what is going on beyond this!!!!

What are we pretending ourselves thourgh. This is a joke or a horror film we are acting our way into.

Where do we draw the line. When do we stop running and stand firm. This is a false flag event. When do we say " Hey you have all control and yet you can no protect us?

We have found a new puppet in the Dead New World Order scam. Kim Jun Duh. However the Threat of using their agent is high. What do you see? Food or death? Lies or truth?

We have had our views of control turned upside down and inside out. How do we change this. Let us be the Parents we are meant to be!

We are under the warfare of classmongers. A war ship must be launched in the minds of mankind. We must attack the frame work of criminals and execute the re-mandate of reality. Left or Right side you control an idea. Bring down... more

The false implant of god is the new world order.The over lay is in place. They are making themselves God!!!!

Instead of charging dollars to save your fellow man what advice do you have? Simple tips and tricks to help make this transition not so painful. We all have ideas and I think it is time to share them instead of charge for them.

A talk about how we as a collective get removed from our reality into a New World Order. Suggestion request a suggestive host

Let us talk about how we appear and re-appear as not ourselves.