Satanic Mass murder and the Grim Future of freedom

Why we live in a Movie

Why we live in a Movie

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From Aldofo Constanzo to Adam Laza present day. One thread exists in every case "The  Satanic Worship of Self" Power is the hungry monster the grows from the ideas that have been broadcast from mirrors from the most ancient of days. In order to create this misguided path of the first mirror the line in this play had to be uttered as the mirror of all mirrors "As above so below" When mankind began to reflect his own existance some thought the gift was life and that reflection would be an out pouring of understanding. Others simply wanted their reflection to impart a god like quality. Mass conquering of the planet and all that exists leaves one final unwilling enemy to our species. Ourselves. We are in a battle and have been forever. Good vs Evil. Which human will survive. Darwins wet dream is about to hit center stage in the biggest battle of a lifetime. So grab some GMO popcorn and let the games begin. Or have we been playing this game since birth?
Devil worship
New world Order
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