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Atheist topics, discussions. as well as politics, and current events.

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It's easier to hate than to understand. Fear is a quick lazy emotion. It's also a tool used by those seeking power, to control the masses and create panic. After Jews in a Synagogue were murdered this weekend we need to talk about... more

Have we become a nation where the extremist conservatives and Russian bots can silence us? Do we not get to call lies out, and take people to task? Was Michelle over the line, or should she have gone further? Today I am going to... more

Emanuel Macron the President of France Spoke before congress about the need to unite, how walls create Isolation and don't hel a united interest. Today April 26,2018 Trump goes on a rant on Fox news, after he confessed a few things.... more

News on how the NRA tv is garbage. Dana Loesch is back fuming at survivor teens who won't take a bullet silently. Hannity has ties to Michael Cohen, HUD and Ben Carson. How the regressive right wing of America is... more

Time to talk about that dirty little word, consent. Oh, and sex. Time after time we see issues arrise in the atheist commmunity, and we need to remember that even though we are atheists there are some things to think about, hard and long... more

Is Trump really going to be glad for a meeting with Mueller? Why won't he open the coast lines in Florida, where his golf course is located. Why does Paul Ryan say there are more jobs, and more money when the truth is something... more

How offensive is offensive enough? The Donald has a 36% aproval rating, and now he's killing solar energy with one terriff. Stormy Daniels, and the drama. Melania is a no fly, doesn't want to be with Trump, as he parties with the .001%... more

Who was to blame for the shut down of the govt? Americans, myself included, believe it was Trump and the GOP, but they aren't taking reality for an answer. So we look at what was being said on the white house answering machine, the... more

Today I am going to talk about the Steele Dossier and how the Fusion GP's testiomony links up to it, what it means to you and America, how it was kept from the American public because the GOP didn't want you to know the truth,... more

Today the topics are all over the board as we discuss current events. Listen as I take you through what has happened this weeekend and what is happpening now. I'll discuss Oprah and the Golden Globes, Trump, Fire and Fury, Steve... more
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