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The Phantom Zone Radio Show hosted by Planet Houston's Jay Luna & Nikki Meow is a variety talkshow exploring the genres of music, cinema & pop culture.

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The Legend of Salvatore Rizzo... Salvatore Rizzo did something in his youth that changed his life, and gave him the power to take that control, and to ultimately be the most powerful figure the crime world had ever seen. He made a deal... more

Justin Hamelin is not only a Rock Star Chef, but he's also a writer and a lover of all things horror and the women in it! He has a wonderful blog called Cup of Stars : Proudly Celebrating Women in Horror. We'll let him explain in his... more

Part 2 of our awesome interview with singer/model, Jet Noir!!

Hailing from Oxford UK,Jet Noir showed a Natural Talent for Music from a very early age playing various instruments including classical guitar,violin and piano. Jet Noir has found a Niche Genre,mixing Dance Beats with her' Ethereal... more

Kristy Lynn is about to literally take the country music scene by storm! Born in Connecticut and living in New York City, Kristy is more than a triple threat! She's a dancer, writer, actress and a singer! Her love of country music was sparked... more

Jared Cohn is a mulitalent to say the least... He's a writer, actor and a director! He's directed a horror film called, Hold Your Breath and it's about an old wives' tale that says you should hold your breath when passing by a cemetery lest an... more

"Erupting on the scene just a few months ago, January Jane already has a kick-ass LP and a legion of loyal, young fans. Their sound brings with it a full range of material, from seductive ballads to monster metal. You heard it here... more

Reyna Young a.k.a Miss Misery, Host of Miss Misery's Movie Massacre show has put together her very first horror convention happening September 28th & 29th at the Scottish Rite Center in Sacramento, Ca! With guest appearances by: Ari... more

Patrick Barnitt has been working as an actor for nearly 20 years. He worked with David Fincher on the acclaimed thriller, Se7en. He also appeared in Star Trek: First Contact as a Borg and continued in that role on Star Trek:Voyager for... more

Author Jeff Mudgett gives us an eerie look inside the mind of H.H. Holmes, one of the most evil men to have ever lived in his latest book, Bloodstains. Imagine waking up one otherwise normal day to be told that you are the direct... more